"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, July 10, 2022

my magnolia

 Its a rainy day here in Charleston! The old timers would say "it's raining cats and dogs! LOL

I forget what these little birds are called, but THEY LOVE THE RAIN! They come out when it rains. Look at  their little lime green legs!

on a sunnier day.......I went to see "my magnolia". She lives in a very public park, so all can enjoy her. She's not really "mine" LOL.

flowers and checks (do you call this gingham?) that day! LOL

Twisty, sprawling limbs

Oh, yes, there were blooms. BIG blooms!

bright bikes ready to take you on adventures!

I love magnolias.....the slick shiny leaves and the big creamy blooms!

Summer tv:
What's everybody watching?
We just finished the final season of 7th Heaven, it went for 11 seasons, so it took us a good while to watch it all. It was a great show. We never caught it back when it was actually on tv. (started 1996, I think) Guess we were too busy raising our own kids! ha ha LOL
I loved watching all their kids grow up, go to college (or not!), get jobs,  get married, have their own kids.


We've finished Season 4 of the Cowboy Way-Alabama. I've learned alot about Alabama cattle ranching in this fun show! The cowboys are gentlemen, Their wives are sweet and their kids are adorable and their adventures are interesting.

Last night we watched the Patsy and Loretta movie on Neflix. It was good. If you want to watch it, it's only on Netflix until July 30, I think.


my framed picture of Miss Loretta I have in our home. Yes, I'm a life-long fan.  (I think this picture came out of Southern Living magazine, but I'm not sure?)---I love how she loves the big old-timey fancy dresses/ballgowns! I'm pretty sure Loretta is now 90 years old. I grew up listening to her, Kitty, Dottie, Patsy, and of course DOLLY!

one of my all time favorite movies--1980's Coal Miners Daughter, with Sissy Spacek playing Loretta, she did a great job and I think it won her an Academy award for Best Actress that year.

Looking to brand new Seasons of The Crown. I think we will be going into Season 5?

and we also love Sweet Magnolias!

Love her living room! And enjoy watching their friendship in their small town. The town is called Serenity, but it actually films in Georgia, Louisiana , and some here in Charleston.

and Virgin River--think it will be Season 4?



Love watching the nuns and midwives at Nonnatus House, in Poplar, London back in the 1960s. I think we just finished up Season 10.
They did a great job on touching on the important current issues of the day, as well as the medical things.
I just love Sister Monica Joan, Dr. Turner and his wife (x-nun!!) Sheila, and their son and family, Trixie the glamorous rebel, Sister Julienne, Nurse Crane, Lucille and Fred, Violet, and all the rest of the characters too!

What all are y'all watching this summer? Any good recomendations?