"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, December 15, 2023

Deck the Halls!


December has arrived!

my John Sloane Country calendar

And with December's arrival, we began "decking the Halls". 
one of the mantels

First we had pizza. Cant decorate while hungry! LOL. Yes, I LOVE ANCHOVIES! ha ha LOL. Not many people like them.
Here's some of my favorite Christmas CDs:
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra one is full of great music, and my Osmond Christmas one is full of happy, toe tapping songs, especially "Sleigh Ride". Yes, I am a life-long Osmond fan.

Here are my old, old, Blinking Snow Man and Snow Lady. They are Avon and My Mother gave them to us when the kids were so little. They blink in different colors.

This little snowman below is actually a tree ornament, and I added him because he's made of the same plastic as the Avon ones. Beside him is a little white ceramic tree. It has a battery, and lights up, but so faint, you can hardly see the color bulbs at all.
Our treasured old Nativity Scene on another mantel.

and some of the angels and animals gathered around it.

this is a 3D Christmas card that opens up and you can see the pretty Santa scene inside it. It's shaped like a box and I got it this year, I thought it was so cute!

The  kitchen mantel:

Probably my favorite one of all. Just an assortment of different things. Reindeer, pine cones, blue and gold ornaments.

Tansy is so enjoying the new issue of the Pioneer Woman magazine:

I see White Christmas pictured on there! One of my favorite Christmas movies.

Pioneer Woman magazine

Lots of familiar things on the pages. I have a couple of those little Santa mugs. And I had an Easy Bake Oven, that was alot of fun! Mine was the aqua color. And we loved watching the Grinch and the Rudolph movies! I read that they are no longer allowed to show the Charlie Brown Christmas special on the main networks TV, because Linus mentions the book of Luke in it.

Pioneer Woman magazine

Pioneer Woman magazine

Pioneer Woman magazine

Got out some of the Christmas wrapping papers:

Sparkly gift tags and pretty ribbons

My Reindeer collection:

Every year I adopt a new one, or TWO, LOL!
Here's one of my new ones, He's covered in gold glitter, he's very sparkly!

And, we got the Christmas Village all set up. It's been quite a few years since we've had it displayed. Fun putting it up again, I sure enjoyed it!

Fun to see all the tiny people again, and ice skating, and the church, and the Manger Scene!
 I think I see carolers and the town Library.

Lots of tiny people out and about, enjoying a snowy cold night in town!

and over on this side of town....a carousel is playing loud music! Busy, tiny ladies, arms full of packages, stop to watch.

This was Mr. Front Porch's Grandma's. The brightly painted little horses blink colors, and go up and own and up and down! Fun to watch. Of course they play Christmas carols.

The village is set up underneath the big Christmas tree. We have a big one this year, and also our small little 4 foot table tree, which was the only one we used for quite a few years. 

I have a whole bunch of other Victorian houses (painted ladies) on another mantel, there wasn't room under the tree for them all.

I got this book from a dear friend for Christmas last year. It's fun to sit down after a long day, and enjoy all the fun things in the old Sears Wish Book. 
So fun to see the pictures, and THE PRICES!
Farm sets and animals were popular

and of course, dolls, all kinds of dolls

Loved seeing all the dressing table accessories! Hand mirrors, pretty comb and brush sets
Fancy Soaps, talcums, colognes

Hosiery! Anyone even remember hosiery?! LOL

Home decor and furnishings from the 1940s

Hats, pocketbooks, and SLIPS! Lovely, slinky, satiny slips. Seems no one seems to wear them anymore. Back in the day, we ALWAYS wore slips underneath skirts and dresses. Remember Princess Diana and HER SLIP accident? LOL

 And we would never have been caught with bare legs at church or to work, or anywhere you wore a dress. Now nobody wears hose anymore. Hose, pantyhose, nylons, stockings. Nurses and waitresses used to wear white stockings.

Speaking of dresses, Tracie and Amybelle are so ready to get into their Christmas dresses!

Hope your week has been great so far! I'm now working on Christmas cards and getting presents wrapped up, especially the ones that get shipped. Did you put up a Christmas tree? Are you sending out Christmas cards?


  1. OH my goodness, I LOVED this post so much, Debbi! I didn't know you had such a beautiful collection of angels and that village is amazing! And those reindeer! Oh my, it must be like going to Disney World or someplace extra special to come to your house at Christmastime! So many beautiful sights to see! I LOVE IT ALL!! Re: hosiery...I DO still wear panty hose when I wear a dress. I don't feel right without them, and they make my shoes fit better and feel better, and they hide the old purple veins that are developing in my old legs. I must admit, it is getting very difficult to find them anymore, but I do keep some on hand to wear to church or to a special occasion when I have to dress up.
    Love this post. Love visiting with you. I see so many lovely things here. Merry Christmas to all!! Oh, Tansy and Barbie! Mine looked just like the one on that page, I got her in 1960 for my 10th birthday!!

  2. If I didn't feel Christmasy before visiting you, Debbi, I sure would now, what a beauatiful post of Christmas treasures! My mouth fell open counting all your mantels! Slightly jealous here because in downsizing houses we are for the first time lacking a mantel. Half the fun of Christmas decorating gone. You are a girl after my own heart with your collections of villages and reindeer and angels, not to mention your blue and white china. Thank you for this peek into Christmas at your home! So pretty!

  3. Just dropping in to wish you a wonderful Holiday season! I'll be back to look my eyes full of all these colorful treasures which whirled past as I came in to say hello. I think of you often, in your wonderful world of walks and tours and outfits and bracelets and fences like jewelry and plants like a dream. I'll be still as soon as the last box/container/package of fudge, Chex Mix, cookies, dipped cookies, dipped pretzels, Crack and reindeer chow has been delivered into the hands of the PEE OH to travel to our dearies in seven states. Have a fabulous week!!

  4. Debbi I have tried twice to leave a lengthy comment on this post. And both times, after I have typed for what seems like a small eternity, it just disappears. I'm going to go and compose my comment on Pages and cut and paste it in here. Laters! xoxo

  5. i am having the same problem as jenny.

  6. antique, treasured christmas decorations...i have so many, yours are so beautiful!! have a wonderful holiday my dear friend!!