"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, July 29, 2016

Windows into History

I'm not sure why some things intrigue me........like these old windows and the whole side of this old brick building. I guess it's the history.....wondering who built this house and who lived here when it was new? I often go digging into history to find the answers and find out so many interesting things! It is a constant fascination for me. Every old house in Charleston has it's own story to tell....and I love finding the stories!

Love this peeling paint!

I have seen and enjoyed hundreds of Victorian homes, but had never saw any windows like this tiered section in this Victorian beauty, until the other day! I am thinking there is maybe a stairway and landing on the other side?
Another beautiful, TALL and interesting window:

Pretty and colorful stained glass squares on these old house windows:

"Pretty in Pink" window!

Charmingly chipped...

I couldn't believe how far these windows were bent in! Have you ever seen anything like it?

There was a lively group of ladies walking by and making photos, enjoying the sights. They were giggling over the window and one said "I don't think even THE PROPERTY BROTHERS could do anything with this!!"  LOL
I'm pretty sure this is the same building a few months later----being worked on.
Maybe the Property Brothers showed up? LOL

Monday, July 25, 2016

Walk on the Battery

Howdy y'all!
Want to take a walk along Charleston's historic Battery with me on this hot hot summer evening?
It was 97 degrees today...I am hoping it has cooled down some for our walk. Hopefully we will be getting some nice brisk breezes off the water. Did you bring your camera?

You brought  your horse?---that's okay---we catch hitch him up right HERE:

We are likely to see some neat little walk-ways...leading to mysterious little places

Big strong old posts

and pretty summer flowers in full bloom.

If you take the time you can notice many things.....like the skinny space between these two stately old homes.

or this beautiful old window.

It will be getting dark soon, but we still have time for a few more sights....

Like this neat little window in the fence here. Betcha just HAVE TO PEEK IN! I did! Lots and lots of little birds nest and frolic in this shrubbery. If you walk by on a rainy day....there are hundreds of them in there, taking shelter from the storm.

There goes a boat.......people out enjoying a sunset boat ride on the water!

Someone is growing daisies.Daisies are happy flowers, aren't they?

Wow....just look at this old stone wall....lots of layers of history here for sure!

Its dog walking time in the city. These two are having a great evening!

So is this one! Always friendly people out to meet!

Pretty blossoms dancing in the salty breezes

This is one of my favorite alleys!

I always stop to enjoy and admire the little garden in front of this house:

The earthquake bolt covers are very decorative on the Roper House

Oh look there comes the silvery moon rising right up over the water. It sure makes the water shimmer so pretty! Time to head back....it was a hot walk tonight.....I'm READY for a big glass of iced tea!
Here's my favorite photograph I made tonight:

How about you?------Did you get any?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Get Around in Style...Charleston Style

Now that summer is back, we have many more people enjoying tours of our city with the horses.

Many of our city's working horses are "Percheron" horses. I think they are absolutely gorgeous and I love them all, but I do have one favorite. Love to see him and I always talk to him. He looks at me. Does he recognize me or my voice? Probably not but it's fun to think so.
Check out the pretty braids!

I've  always called the Percheron horses "gypsy horses" because so many of the pictures I see of the old gypsy wagons, they are pulled by these type horses.
There are many ways to tour Charleston....vehicles like cars/vans/buses, or on foot. Carriage/wagon tours pulled by mules and horses seem like a particularly enjoyable way to see the historic city and they surely do add so much to the ambiance of such an old city. Truly, there have been horses on Charleston's streets since the very beginning, back in the 1600's. 

I love to hear the sound of our city's horses.....the approaching clip clop clip clop of the hoof beats, steady and true. The horses are so big and strong and gentle. 
I've nearly been trampled dozens of times getting in front of these 1000lb. animals for 'just the right picture'. ha ha ha Just KIDDING. LOL

This one is a beauty! A "Cinderella Horse"!
No wagon----but a pretty white carriage.

Last year there was an incident when one of our horses, Blondie, was spooked by the sound of a loud truck. Apparently Blondie backed up into the carriage, got tangled up, and fell. Somehow Blondie just couldn't get back up. I think it's still not clear what all contributed to it....the heat, was he injured, not in good health to begin with, his legs 'fell asleep' and the circulation was cut off....I was not there and only know what I saw on the news. They did call a vet in and I think he (Blondie) was sedated until a forklift could come pick him back up again. I was so relieved and happy to see him getting back up on his feet, under vet care, and then on a well deserved little break/vacation out in the country. I think he did come back to work. 
These horses were all out working on this particular Sunday. The temperature was 97:

I do love animals and will always stand up for and defend them if they are being mistreated or neglected. So I went reading/researching a little further to see what I could find out about our city's horses. I found an interesting article here:
(click here) The Treatment of our Carriage Horses

The comments in the section at the end of the article are very interesting. I am not well educated on the care or needs of horses but some of these people clearly are and it was interesting to hear what their point of view is. 
What is yours?
By the time I was getting to the end of this post I decided to go see for myself so I visited the downtown barn of the Palmetto Carriage Works. 
Again--I am not a vet nor do I own or have much knowledge of horses. I have ridden recreationaly  only and I have worked with very large mammals much much larger than horses, but I am not a horse expert by any means.
 I am just someone who loves animals.
Also-no one knew I was coming nor did they know who I was. The barn is open to the public.
First off---it's big. And clean. And the employees acknowledge you with a polite and friendly greeting.

The horses and mules were happily eating their suppers. They all appeared clean and well cared for.

The animals seemed to have plenty of room and nobody appeared "scrunched-up" or jammed into tiny spaces.
The stalls were clean and the horses were curious and friendly.

There were many large heavy duty fans blowing on the horses and there was also a water misting system which sprayed the horses. 
(above--that little fella was about knee high and adorable!)

I fully know that horses are not house pets. I think they were created to be work animals and to have a 'job'. From what I have read, they are happiest when they do have work. I also don't want to see animals mis-used. 
What do you think? Do you have carriage tours in your city? Do any of you know about horses?