"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gypsy Style

Sometimes people comment on my fashion. I get alot of compliments on my long swirly skirts---and to those of you who take the time to comment/give such sweet compliments I thank you!
 I don't know a thing about fashion, truly.I don't write a fashion blog.
  I DO KNOW what I like and feel happy in though! I think everybody has their own 'style', don't we? Things that make us feel good....feel pretty. Things we wear again and again.
I truly feel like a Queen when I wear one of my "gypsy" skirts.

Yes, I love my gypsy skirts!
My gypsy skirts go "fluff, float, swish, swoooosh"---they are just fun to wear!
This gypsy skirt is actually a dress I put an olive green blouse over. Very comfortable and if I get hot, can simply remove the blouse and wear the tank dress by itself.
"If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...."
A gypsy skirt, leather purse to tote my essentials and  my camera gear and good sturdy brown leather sandals that support my feet for lots of city walking---a favorite look I wear often

A favorite winter gypsy skirt look---skirt paired with soft and snuggly light plaid flannel (not the thick heavy flannel), shiny shoes and pearls

What is it about delicate chiffon gypsy skirts?--they just make me want to "twirl" around!?

Gypsy embroidery:

a handkerchief:

Love the embroidery and stones on this red blouse:

(above--pretty embroidered dish towel---way too pretty to use! LOL)

Below--black lace short sleeve cardigan--matches all my dresses--love this for summer!
Soft flowy blouses:
These are cotton guaze ones...very comfortable, light and floaty on hot hot Charleston summer days.
Featherlight silky shawl/kimono:

So comfortable, will match lots of outfits, and the perfect light layer to put on in air conditioned church in the summer


Gypsy jewels:

I love bracelets of many kinds---big chunky beads, sparkly rhinestones, charms, enamels. I've been wearing the enamel ones for years now....I have them in many colors....just love them. I also like beaded and leather bracelets.

Tassels and charms--
Beads and bangles:

"now she's got rings on her fingers
and bells on her toes--
say has anybody seen my
sweet Gypsy Rose?"...Tony Orlando and Dawn

Bright and colorful dish towel with pom poms!

Hats are fun!

Flower crowns:
Vintage Straw
Vintage beaded purses:

More Gypsy style:
big old ornate frames
Pretty hanging beads that go "click click click" when you brush against them(remember when people had these in doorways as curtains?):

Heavy blue/white glass ball:
Pretty towels and old aprons:
Fringe and flowers:
and other colorful gypsy things:



  1. I love your style! I have a similar Boho style, myself. At first people thought I was rather strange around here, it's a very small conservative village, but now everyone expects me to dress this way. Aren't twirly skirts the best? Nothing like a floaty skirt to make a gal feel feminine!


  2. I love your style. I need to get some plain tops to wear with my gypsy skirts. I look for those types of skirts at thrift stores. :-) Skirts do make one feel more girly.

    I'm kind of eclectic, boho, tropical.

    Enjoy your day ~ FlowerLady

  3. Debbi, you're just gorgeous! I love your flowy and flowery style. It's neat that you've found what you love for your fashions and your interiors. I can't live without flowers and feminine things either.

  4. Hi Debbie, I love your style too! I tend in the summer to wear gypsy skirts too. Bohemian is definitely my style!

  5. Those are such pretty skirts, Debbie. I think as we age, we should cover our life with more color.. I love long skirts and wear them often, especially in the summer. I tend to wear more black in the winter (with colorful scarves). The summer, though, brings out my happy wardrobe.

  6. I have absolutely NO style! I wear lots of bright 'Florida' colors but I just match a bright colored top with shorts every day. You sure make me want to try something new! You look so feminine and pretty and HAPPY in this style! And you get to twirl and swirl! That's winning me over just for the FUN! Love this post! You should make it a regular to help us out of our doldrums! Lots of hugs, Diane

  7. hi debbi, you have a great style, fun, colorful and whimsical!!!

  8. Okay, I love this post!! I LOVE swirly skirts too. I walk in thrift shops just to glance at the skirt rack...in case there is a pretty skirt someone donated. Once I was leaving the skirt rack in a thrift shop and spotted something on the floor pushed back in all the lint and dust. I raked it out and it was a pretty black long tiered skirt. My daughter Lynn, (her blog is Sidetracked Lynn) dresses exactly as she pleases. She says "I think women should wear what makes them happy". It's true! If you feel pretty, you look pretty. You look adorable in picture seven and when you get tired of the skirt in picture eight, will you sell it to me? :) I like all the pictures!

  9. o, how cute you look in every one of these photos....I love your beautiful skirts...and I know your hubby loves taking all those pictures of you as you sashay down the street...:)

  10. You look beautiful in your gypsy skirts and you really do know how to twirl! I need to get me some of those skirts. I know they must be so cool on these hot days! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Too funny!! I love your color fashion!! The brighter - the better!! That's what I say!! My two daughters say my fashion sense is "Hippie Fashion!"