"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, July 25, 2016

Walk on the Battery

Howdy y'all!
Want to take a walk along Charleston's historic Battery with me on this hot hot summer evening?
It was 97 degrees today...I am hoping it has cooled down some for our walk. Hopefully we will be getting some nice brisk breezes off the water. Did you bring your camera?

You brought  your horse?---that's okay---we catch hitch him up right HERE:

We are likely to see some neat little walk-ways...leading to mysterious little places

Big strong old posts

and pretty summer flowers in full bloom.

If you take the time you can notice many things.....like the skinny space between these two stately old homes.

or this beautiful old window.

It will be getting dark soon, but we still have time for a few more sights....

Like this neat little window in the fence here. Betcha just HAVE TO PEEK IN! I did! Lots and lots of little birds nest and frolic in this shrubbery. If you walk by on a rainy day....there are hundreds of them in there, taking shelter from the storm.

There goes a boat.......people out enjoying a sunset boat ride on the water!

Someone is growing daisies.Daisies are happy flowers, aren't they?

Wow....just look at this old stone wall....lots of layers of history here for sure!

Its dog walking time in the city. These two are having a great evening!

So is this one! Always friendly people out to meet!

Pretty blossoms dancing in the salty breezes

This is one of my favorite alleys!

I always stop to enjoy and admire the little garden in front of this house:

The earthquake bolt covers are very decorative on the Roper House

Oh look there comes the silvery moon rising right up over the water. It sure makes the water shimmer so pretty! Time to head back....it was a hot walk tonight.....I'm READY for a big glass of iced tea!
Here's my favorite photograph I made tonight:

How about you?------Did you get any?


  1. At 97 degrees, I'm glad you did the walking for me! Hot here also. I love the alleys. They're becoming rarer and rarer these days. When I was a kid, we'd try to walk across town using alleys only. Such things we did for amusement back then! Wonder how many people peek into that window in the fence? Have a happy week!


  2. I'm sitting here in the air conditioning...under a fan enjoying YOUR photos! It sure has been hot to walk in the evenings here but I'm still trying. Love those buildings that are close together. That must have been a challenge building them so close. LOVE the sweet daisies. And don't you love seeing what other people wear? You look cute and isn't that black and white dress on the lady with the stroller adorable! Enjoy your day! Let's get together and walk again soon! Hugs!

  3. I just love your tours. It makes me feel like I'm there.

  4. Other than it being SO hot there, I'd love Charleston... There's always so much beauty to see.... Thanks for taking us on a nice little walk. I stayed cool while walking along there with you!!!!!! ha..... I've always wanted to go inside those gates/alleys ---and check out more!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. It was 97 here in PA also, and after coming home from a vacation in a cooler place, it was a slap to my system. It was nice to go for a virtual walk with you through your lovely city inside my air conditioned house. Yes, daisies are happy flowers.

  6. a nice place for an evening stroll. i enjoyed the look up and the views of you. it's very hot here as well!!!!

  7. How do you manage to look cool as a cucumber on such a hot (97!) day? Thanks for the tour. I must get back to Charleston and spend a little more time there. My kind of city!