"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

pocketbooks and hankies

 Charleston yards and gardens are so pretty this time of year!

that is a little kitty cat door there in the fence. we've seen a little kitty coming and going out of it

pretty green shutters!

With hot humid weather like this.....you NEED a fan! LOL I had fun posing for a few pictures with one of mine.

Fans ALSO come in handy for swatting those dang pesky annoying flying varmits called "skeeters"! ha ha LOL They are out in full force this time of year here. "no-see-ums" too.

I think these pretty vines are called trumpet vines?

I got my floaty chiffon skirt at the thrift store! I like it because it's light and cool.
...got my pocketbooks out to make pictures...

I added this black vintage pocketbook to my vintage collection on my birthday this spring.

I now have three! And I love them so much. I cannot pick a "favorite".
I remember when my Ma-Maw and my Mom and my Aunts all carried these pocketbooks! Ma-Maw had butterscotch life-savers in hers, along with her lipstick and a freshly ironed hankie. And a "billfold" full of pictures of the family. She also always had a change purse, the kind that "snap!"------ full of dimes and pennies and quarters. And her nail file! 
Mommy had a rat-tail comb in hers, and Kleenex and of course--a lipstick, and aspirin, an Avon perfume "roll on", (Regence, Occur, Cotillion, or Charisma) and band-aids. She had a "billfold" too! And they ALL CARRIED a compact--with pressed powder and a little flat "puff" to "powder their noses". LOL---the powder smelled so good!

Smoking was very common back then! There were even commercials on t/v for cigarettes, before they out-lawed that. Some of my aunts carried cigarette purses....small pouches with room for a pack of Salems or Virginia Slims---when they came along----- and  matches. Ladies didn't carry lighters, and men carried the old fashioned square lighters that you filled up with lighter fluid when they ran out. Disposable lighters were not invented yet.

Remember the old song in the tv commercial for Virginia Slims?? "you've come A LONG WAY baby---to get where you are to, to DAY...you've got Virginia Slims now baby, you've come a long long way!" LOL
Hope your week is going well and you're not in the path of the hurricane. If so--please stay safe!


  1. Well, look at you all styling with your skirt and purses. Yes, that is a trumpet vine, very invasive and so hard to get rid of. It will take over everything. Kitty hole. My little ones would love to have one of them on the deck to come and go but the thoughts of my babes being out in the world scares me, so they will remain deck babies. We are getting a lot of Ida rain the last two days with more tomorrow. Hoping all is well with you.

  2. Hello from Idaho and found your blog by the way of Scattered Brian. I have friend who where big hats like yours. I'm a hand bag person. Usual two place I look in thrift store is fabric and purses.
    If you have time stop in for a cup of coffe.

  3. I always enjoy taking a stroll with you through your lovely town, and seeing all the beautiful flowers and houses and porches and gates...and then there'd YOU, so beautiful if your flowing chiffon skirt and lovely big hat...and that gorgeous FAN! You are so lovely and charming...and of course I love your pocketbooks! I remember those. Interesting the things we and our mothers and grandmothers used to carry in their bags! I do remember the Virginia Slims commercials. Thankfully no one in my family had that bad habit, but I was always so curious about it. So thankful God kept me from indulging and getting hooked. Anyway...I love your wonderful views of your lovely city. Thank you for taking us with you on your walks. Always a pleasure!!! Have a blessed day. Lily Grace sends her love.

  4. So glad I can enjoy the scenery without dealing with the humidity and skeeters. Love that Lavender plant, bet it smelled heavenly. You have such sweet memories, love to hear of them.

  5. Hi Debbi! Glad you're safe from the awful hurricane and damage. Love your purses and you look very cute in your outfit! I started a new blog as I missed blogging so I hope you'll pop in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. so many pretty things!! you wore purple - my favorite color!! the fan matches your outfit and yes, they serve their purpose!! all of the pretty purple flowers are gorgeous!!

    1. thanks for your visits!! i am feeling better!!