"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

scavenger in the rain

 ........and the rain keeps coming..........

Sunday we got to spend some time with our Fairy Granddaughter.......so we braved the puddles and the rainshowers and made the best of it, as we had a scavenger hunt planned.

She had fun finding all the clues!

Heres a few of the clues:
a bright red mailbox and below, a boot scraper

an upping stone!

......pink houses and stone walls and alleyways...........

eagles and numbers.........clues all over! LOL

these are just a few of the clues......there were about 75 or so

gorgeous strong horses and mules still go up and down the streets, rain or shine---here comes one now!

this bird was LOVING THE PUDDLES!

Finding those clues!

There goes a bride.....out trying to get bridal pictures in the rain.They dodged raindrops and huddled in doorways just as we did a few times, when the rain got harder. LOL
I asked if I could photograph her and she said "yes"

if you get tired.....you can sit down and take a rest!

actually---this was one of the clues, LOL! Fairy Granddaughter hollers "look I found the clue and I'm sitting ON IT!" LOL

a few of the clues were numbers!

plenty of rain splashed streets and water puddles all over

one of the "prizes" was this necklace, which Fairy Granddaughter put on immediately--it just so happened to match her orange blouse!

hot, sweaty, rain soaked,.........but we did have alot of fun!


  1. Oh so wonderful to see your "fairy granddaughter" out playing with you all in the rain, dodging the puddles and finding the clues for the scavenger hunt! What a great place to have a hunt...so many fascinating and fun things to discover! I am so happy she was able to come and spend the day with you. I am sure it was a wonderful adventure for all of you!! Looks like she is growing up so quickly...gotta grab these precious moments while you can! Thanks for sharing this with us. Lily Grace loved it too!

  2. Debbi, your granddaughter is getting so tall! What a wonderful day in the rain together. xoxo

  3. What a fun grandmother you are!! And what a FUN thing to do!

  4. You are such a fun Grandmother and what is a little rain on a planned outing. Love the picture of the bird in the water puddle and the prize necklace was very pretty.

  5. Oh that sounds like such fun. I bet the two of you had a great time hanging out and hunting clues. Loving the pics. Like the bird, I love to walk and stomp in the puddles..

  6. fun, fun, fun...i happen to love scavenger hunts, in the rain, even better!! pretty necklace that your granddaughter picked out!!

    did either of you jump in those big puddles!?!?