"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, August 9, 2021

summer weekend

 Hi there, how is your August going so far? Ours is great. I do love summer even with it's muggy heat.  The dang "skeeters" I could do WITHOUT! LOL

We took a drive over to Sullivan's Island this weekend. The marshes are so green and pretty in the summer

Dogs love the beach!

These ladies drove their decorated golf cart down to watch the pretty sunset. Look who they had between them:

time to make pictures.......and splash in the salty water!

Sunday, back in town.........

I decided to take my Annies out to make a picture of them all together. I think I missed one, but I grabbed all these!

some of my Annie books

I love the charming old fashioned pictures!

picked up this pretty skirt at the thrift store, it's swirly chiffon, so light and fun to wear! I love the flowers on it.

Summer shopping:
Did a little shopping.......got these two summer colognes. One is called Lazy Summer and the other one is Sunday afternoon. They both smell good, but don't last long. If you don't mind re-spritzing, they are good! Fresh scents, not heavy.

picked up these fun summer polishes, for only about two dollars apiece---great deal!! I love fun nail colors

......and found these gardening books at the thrift store:

Summer brings gardens:

Summer produce:

I love summer because I can slice up yellow squash..........and fry it up all brown and crispy! One of my most favorite summer treats, along with fried green "maters". 
sizzling in the hot skillet!

Mr. Front Porch dug up "taters". I fried them up with onions and peppers from our garden.

Harvesting lots of red peppers! I love these!

fresh from the garden!

all cleaned up!

We have bananas growing too!

A Summer drive to Isle of Palms:
"best seat in the house" LOL

a young couple enjoying a day fishing

blooms that sprang up out of the sidewalk

pretty summer marsh scene

bright house! bright and pretty

summer snacks:
this is my current favorite snack!--if you like corn on the cob, you will love it!

Jenny told me about these cookies....oh my GOODNESS they are so good!
Summer flowers:
and of course, I love summer flowers.

Our clematis bloomed in the spring, and it's now back in bloom again! It must like the rain, which has been plentiful.

we have zinnias this year! I love them!

How is your summer coming along? What are YOUR favorite summer things?


  1. OH my goodness! What a wonderful post full of summer goodness and fun and delights!! And, I must thank you right now for Lily Grace's little package she received in the mail today...She has sent a message to Tracie via email a few minutes ago. So exciting! I can't believe you have all those lovely vegetables growing in your own garden, as well as zinnias and other gorgeous flowers! You are amazing. And then, those Raggedy Anne's!! I had no idea you had those! What a lovely collection, and all those wonderful stories to go along with them. I bet Tracie and Amybelle and Tansy enjoy playing with them too! What a fun house you must have! I love that you went to the beach and so many other fun places. Thank you for sharing all the fun with us. I love your skirt too! It looks so pretty and feminine! You are a dear in every way. Thank you for being such a special friend!! Love, Pam and Lily Grace too

  2. What a great outing that was and it so was so nice to see people about and happy and enjoying life. I have never eaten a fresh onion from the garden but think they sure look pretty. So do those tomatoes. That blue flower was huge, never seen one like that before and the best of all was the red, white and blue rooster!

  3. It is so much FUN being YOU! Loved it all! The Annie's and your beautiful skirt! I am amazed at your garden and all the things you grew! We are not very good at it but hopefully we can learn. All your produce llok wonderful!!
    I hope to be home for awhile and prepare my home for September! I'm getting so excited!!

  4. Everything is summer-gorgeous! I was just admiring a big bunch of zinnias planted near the street while on my walk this morning. What a happy flower! And WOW that purple clematis is so pretty! Ours is not blooming but then I think y'all have had more rain than we have had. I love your thrift-store skirt and your Annies and their books! Did you and Mr. Front Porch really grow all of that gorgeous produce! So bright and fresh and plentiful! I'm glad you like the cookies from Dollar Tree! Haahaha xoxo

  5. It sure is beautiful out near the water...are IN the water! And I love your sweet Raggedy Annies! I have a few too and love them SO much! Stay cool this week! Hugs!

  6. i collected raggedy annies when i was a young girl, andys too!! you seem to find all of summers best on these walks and i love them!! yellow squash is my favorite. i planted it in my garden and the seeds are confused, i am getting zucchini!! still good but i wanted yellow squash!! i am so happy to see all of your garden haul, you sure did well!!

    those purple clematis are gorgeous!! have a great weekend and try to stay cool!!