"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, June 24, 2022

mothers day and bluebirds

 I was thrift shopping right before Mother's day and I spotted this pretty china so I grabbed this as a "present to myself" ha ha ha LOL

I just LOVE THIS OLD PATTERN..........I thought it was called "Millie" but it's actually "Mildred".

I believe it's an old pattern from the 1940s

on the same day, I spotted these pretty little teacups and saucers, so they came home with us too!

I got beautiful red roses for Mother's day!
and more "jewelry" for the furniture and/or cabinets knobs! I just love these borealis ones!
sparkle like rainbows......

I ordered myself some new summer blouses and a summer dress as well.

I had the black one and the blue one, and I love these square neck embroidered blouses so much, and wear them so often, that I ordered the purple one and the red one! LOL

a few bags of my favorite candy: (LOVE THIS STUFF!)

But my FAVORITE present was this:

my new bluebird porcelain ring!

See, we've had pretty little bluebirds dancing and flitting about our backyard for a long time, (and eating the delicious worms and treats we put out for them!) but they never NESTED. Mr. Front Porch had built them nice little birdhouses, but they wouldn't use them and we never knew why.

 My friend Pam has theirs up on a pole, and they have not one, but sometimes even MORE bluebird families each year. So we moved our houses to poles, and yep, guess what?---they moved right in and started nesting. It was exciting because we had wanted them for so long! Our first clutch of babies fledged while we were in Florida, which is best so our big dogs were not in the yard. 

Surprisingly, we have either a new family, or the first one----and they have moved into the OTHER bluebird house on a pole, and are busy busy, busy flying in and out! ( I think the male is keeping the female on the eggs well fed, or else they have hatched their babies and he is bringing them meals)

we received this as a wedding gift many many decades ago! It's really heavy and it's really BLUE.

I have always loved it, but am especially enjoying it now!

see his tail sticking out? LOL

I love watching them, I think they are such pretty little birds!

Summer and the sweltering has arrived. It's much too hot to walk in the daytime. We do venture out some evenings when it's cooler and one day this week we had a slightly cooler spell which we took advantage of. Our gardens are loving the summer sunshine and the heat though, as well as the afternoon or evening thundershowers that breeze through, dousing everything with rain water.
Is it hot where you live?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS< DEBBI!!!! First of all, those dishes! The Mildred pattern? I bought a few of those a year ago at our thrift store too! I LOVE that pattern! I only found two dinner plates, a couple of saucers, and a vegetable bowl. It is so beautiful! I am SO excited that you found the same design and love it too! That shows how much alike we are! And then of course the bluebirds!!! I am so happy you are finally enjoying watching your bluebirds in their house, nesting and feeding their babies. Yes, it is very exciting to see God's handiwork right before our eyes! We have another new couple just moved in to the other house yesterday...it's been busy here, since the other family moved out of the other house on Sunday and we did get to see one baby leave the nest. Not sure how many there were, and then yesterday I found an abandoned egg in that same house/nest. It never developed. So I put it in the garden on the nest so I could clean out the house for the next family. I wrote about it yesterday. Oh, I love your bluebird ring, and then again the "bluebirds of happiness" glass figurines that you have. What a blessing! I've never seen the double one like that before. Oh, we finally got a thunder/rain storm last night. It was SO refreshing! We hope to get more rain this afternoon. Hopefully the pond will start to fill back up! I enjoyed this post so much! I love that you love the same things I do! Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  2. Look at this post: https://pamelasopenwindow.blogspot.com/2020/10/saturday-wanderings.html to see if my dishes are the same as yours.

  3. After looking more closely, I don't think they are exactly the same, but are very similar. They would probably look good together! What fun.

  4. Love the bluebirds Debbi. The dishes are adorable. Hope you are staying well and enjoying this good weather...well if it isn't too hot. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. the china is beautiful debbi, i really like old china. mine is old now i guess, 44 years old...that's how long we have been married!! i think you missed your calling as a bird photographer, the bluebirds are stunning, i'm so happy you got that advice!! that ring is perfect for you!!

  6. What a bright blue bluebird! And it's fun to shop for yourself and find things you love. I haven't been thrift shopping in so long but I shop on Etsy and find pretties that I NEED! hahaha! It's HOT here but I have things inside to do. Enjoy your week. Stay cool...keep those fans humming!