"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, November 22, 2021

Fall is here

 Fall  has finally arrived to the Lowcountry!

The temperatures have cooled down, and I've had my sweaters out and ready for these nice days.

There are even a few Fall leaves scattered about!

Lots of bright blooms! and pumpkins scattered everywhere, on windowsills and on porches and dressing up steps

The mums have burst into bloom, and the piles of "punkins" are so festive!

Perfect weather to be outside enjoying the fresh air!

.......and perfect weather for lighting an outside fire when the sun goes down! (so we did!)
Hello, Fall.
Good-bye summer, we eagerly await to see you again next year. 
I wrote this about "goodnight, Charleston" several years ago for the blog.

Goodnight city, and goodnight Summer!


  1. I love your outfit, your photos ...but most of all that article you wrote! I do believe I have read it on your blog. Wonder what year that was?? Beautiful writing! You should publish it in its entirety every year at the end of summer.....

  2. Beautiful fall pictures in your lovely city. And I love what you wrote for that post. You should post a link to the full article so we can read the whole thing! I'd love to see it. YOu really do have a flair for writing my dear!! I felt like I was right there with you experiencing all those feelings and sounds and sights! I love your pretty outfit...you are always to lovely and colorful, a bright spot wherever you go! Thank you for being YOU!!! You are wonderful, just the way you are! Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! Give my love to Tracie and Amybelle and Tansy! Lily Grace sends her love. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. I always love to see the big old houses there and so many decorate for all seasons. Love your cute outfit and Fall colors. Enjoy your week! Supposed to cool down here some this week too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great pictures but there was a place where three pictures in a row just made me take a breathe. It was where the purple flowers were with the green and purple plant and then the next one was the gate with the plants on top and then the very next one was looking down this beautiful street. You have a gift for writing:)

  5. Yes the cooler climes are finally here and I have so looked forward to them. I love the leaves falling; that always makes me smile. But then I do not have to rake them, haaaha! TG takes care of that. Love your outfit! Great pom poms! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  6. your pom-poms match the beautiful mums on the front porches!! i enjoy seeing the southern people and flowers but i always enjoy seeing you most. your outfit is gorgeous!!

    it's gotten pretty cold and blustery up here!!