"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Sunshine in the City

A toast to a happy safe and healthy new year y'all!

I do love my egg nog!
The ball has dropped and the new year is now here!

There were LOTS OF PEOPLE out New Year's Eve here in Charleston, it was a balmy and WARM NIGHT, no coats needed, just go out in shirt sleeves.
 Of course, the "young people" were out in droves, dressed in their spangly best, eager to get into the clubs and have a night of dancing.

It was supposed to rain, but that didn't begin until much much later after midnight so that was nice
one of my favorite treats on New Year's Eve.......big white ice cold shrimp!! YUM

a beautiful sunny Winter day in Charleston

It still looks like Christmastime in the city
I like to walk around and see what all is blooming........this was my favorite today!! Isn't it gorgeous?

Our little pansies are doing great! Happy and bobbing in the breeze

Mr. Front Porch picked these out of the kitchen garden on Christmas Eve: 

 they were pretty much immediately washed and chopped up to go on our Christmas Eve pizzas!
pepperoni, Canadian bacon, two different cheeses, onions, red peppers, green peppers, olives, mushrooms, hamburger.....so many goodies!

This cute family was enjoying a warm and sunny day on the Battery. I'm so glad that cold spell is GONE! The week has been in the 70s and I love that. It got up to 80 yesterday and felt so good to throw open all the windows and enjoy the fresh air this week.

Other scenes on this sunny day:

The ladies at the Provost Dungeon museum
and folks enjoying a meal outside.

I love the pretty baskets hanging all over the city.
I do so love all the Christmas decorations all over the city, I hope they just leave them UP! lol

The basket ladies are out selling pretty things:

..and people are out on the boats.

Wreath with lots of pretty long ribbons!
the garland around this door is so pretty, we had to stop and make pictures! They have it like this every year.

my Christmas tree ring, one of my favorites!

Dinner and a movie:

New years day movie was Holiday in the Wild (2019) with Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis--this was a good movie, I think y'all would like it too!

New Years day supper brought one of my favorites---black eye peas, whole green beans, white beans, ham, peppers, onions, YUM!
and we had one of the fun butter turkeys left over from Thanksgiving! These things are so fun to throw into a big pan of hot mashed "taters" and watch them melt...melt....melt....! LOL We melted this one down on a big pan of cornbread. (yes evidently I am "easily amused"! ha ha LOL)
the box they come in if you ever look for them:

thanks for stopping by to see me today, I hope you enjoyed being out in the sunshine with me! It's good for us!

Thanks to all who stop by to see me and look at my pictures....and for all the kind comments and friendships made during this year. I hope the new year treats y'all kindly and everybody stays strong and healthy and you enjoy happy and fun times with your families, making blessed memories.


  1. What a fun, festive town you live in, everyone looks like they rang in the new year with style and festivity. So we saw that recommended movie Holiday in the Wild. It was really good and sweet and those elephants are amazing. All that food is making me extra hungry, We are getting ready to eat soon with my in laws and I'm ready now haha I love the buttered turkey. I guess you could say its a butterball haha.
    Happy New Year my friend.

  2. Lucky you to have weather like that this time of year. We are growing icicles and snowbanks here. I love the pictures of your town and hope you enjoy every bit of that sunshine. xo Diana

  3. What a beautiful day and so much to see! I have missed your posts and glad you are back in full swing. Never say a butter turkey before and you cracked me up watching it melt, thinks are just about that exciting here at my house.

  4. things are quite different there in charleston, it's been very cold up here and everyone wears a mask, even outdoors!! i don't care for eggnog, but new years day, dinner looks awesome!!

    the decorations looks so pretty and your ring is beautiful. i saw holiday in the wild and loved it. we watched 4 christmases the other day and enjoyed that!!

    i love those butters!!

  5. You live in such a fun place! I have never been there! Lillian used to live in Charlston....
    I love seeing all your pictures! Never mixed the beans like you did in your New Year's Day supper! I am going to do that!
    Happy New Year, Pretty Lady!!

  6. What a lovely stroll around town. Yes, we had lovely weather last week too. Now it is chilly again here in north central Florida. But I was so happy last week it was nice as we had family to visit and we were able to spend a lot of time outside. that was great. Looks like Charleston has not slowed down much because of the virus situation. With all the fresh air and the ocean air I am sure it helps to keep people healthy. Take care and May God bless you richly in the new year!

  7. Everything is great but those butter sculptures are awe-inspiring, Debbi! I guess I'm easily amused too because I would love putting a butter sculpture on top of a pan of cornbread (or in the taters) and watching it melt! Such fun. xoxo