"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

hippie chick pocketbooks

 Now what is this crazy Debbi up to now? LOL

I decided to photograph all my fringe hippie pocketbooks! well, this is what I look like carrying them all outside and searching for the "perfect spot". ha ha LOL

I think there are 6 there, one is kind of hidden.

(below) This is my new change purse! Oh gosh, I fell in love with these when I saw them. They are HUGE compared with the old fashioned change purses.

 Did anyone's Mom or Grandma carry one of these? did she open it up and give you pennies or dimes to go get an ice cream from the ice cream truck? Or maybe hand you a dollar bill to go buy some pretty paper dolls at the drugstore while she picked up cold cream, bobby pins, Bayer aspirin, cotton balls and a can of Spray-Net, talcum powder and salve, Jergens lotion and a bar of Camay soap?

I love the big big SNAPS! and the delicate lace inside trim
I bought quite a few of these, I kept one for myself, and gave others for Christmas and birthday presents. They are big enough to even use as a small lipstick/cosmetic case and I use one for my camera batteries.

Even though they are hopelessly "old fashioned" and out of style.....I have carried a change purse all my life.
Here is mine (this one is about 40 years old!) and you can see the size difference in my regular old one and my new one!

who's that man? haha LOL

sweet moon flowers blooming in the night air

Somebody set this poor little chair out

.......and some pretty scenes:

Happy wednesday to all!



  1. Those fringed purses are so cute, and you are too. I like moon flowers and used to grow them, they glow in the garden at night.

  2. I love your purses and that cool outfit you are wearing!
    Yes, I love those old fashioned change purses. My mother gave me a black one filled with nickels. dimes, and pennies one time. I gave all my grand girls change purses last year....

  3. OH, I love those purses, and that little change purse is absolutely gorgeous!! I've never seen one with lace inside like that! So feminine and dainty and sweet! Too bad they don't make them small enough for Lily Grace and Tracie to carry! Loved these photos...who was that man? Was that a portrait I hope? Or was he looking at you through that window? LOL. So glad to see you up and out and about again. Lily Grace sends her love to you and Tracie, and she hopes to see you both here again SOON!!! She misses you!

  4. Love the first photo of you with the big moon behind you. Moon flowers are so pretty. I grew some at one time. I do have pink 4 o'clocks growing wild here. What a great sized change purse. Although, I have changed from carrying a purse, to wearing a fanny pack since Covid started. Keeping it all compact and hands free. Room for small wallet, phone, some change, a pen and small pad of paper. I only go grocery shopping so don't need much.

    Thanks again for sharing the loveliness of where you live. ~ FlowerLady

  5. You know what I love about you? You know what you like! The inside of the coin purse is so sweet with the edging. Have never seen moon flowers but they look pretty and the one lady said the glow in the garden. That one house was serious about not having trespassers with the spiked fence.

  6. I’ve missed visiting with you and Tansie I love those fringed bags,I have one from the 70s too! Every visit here is a joy, you bring happiness that we need right now!

  7. Whoa! That's a serious security fence!
    I love your fringe purses! And they are so in style now. But your coin purses are darling. My grandmother did carry one but it was utilitarian brown leather. I would use a little pocketbook this pretty!

  8. Oh my....those spike thingys would be rough if someone tried to climb over them. As for the purses, I love that style but will not carry one. Gave mine away..I like my purses to not be so deep and to be wider instead. Coin purse would be nice...As for the rocker, I would have picked it up and took it home, given it some love. I love roadside shopping! That rocker looks like mine when I was a kid, the seat did that also and my brother cut slats to make a seat with. I still have it.

  9. Here I am! I've been 'working' on a project this week! lol And I can't seem to do anything but that! If it works out, I'll tell all! hahaha! Oh and don't go climbing any fences or get tired and sit in a little chair! LOVE your bags and the cute change purses. I like those for putting my jewelry in when we travel. Enjoy your day! It's gorgeous here and we just got home from a hike! Lots and lots of hugs, Diane

  10. WOW that is some serious KEEP-OUT atop that wrought iron fence! I love your fringe purses -- can't believe you have that many! I carried one in my sophomore year of high school but I think that's about it. Now, change purses? YES! I love the SNAP when they close on the frame and YES my mother and grandmother had them, and dispensed loot for treats just as you described. They used lots of spray-net, too. xoxo