"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Meet Tracie!


Hi everybody, this is Tracie!

She just arrived on this GROOVY bus! LOL

Actually, I got her for Christmas. ha ha LOL

Christmas morning

here we are on Christmas day

I also gave little Fairy Granddaughter the same doll. Now if we get to "play dolls"....we have TWINS! LOL

See her?

I love her cute braided ponytails!
Pretty red cyclamen in bloom
well of course, she had to "take time to stop and smell the flowers"!

And she "wears flowers in her hair"--remember the old song "if you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"?

Camellias would do just fine!

and she had to stop and make friends with 
this horse! LOL

today's "arm candy" LOL

I LOVE THESE DOORS! Love the color and how GLOSSY they are!

Fun to peek into offices, shops, and galleries and see the pretty treasures.

It was getting chilly, so I grabbed a coat to put on!

....later  I took my new doll and headed in....to get warm and have supper!

There are only a few random Christmas lights/displays left about town. I only counted two or three Christmas trees still up yesterday. Was surprised to see those as it's the middle of January.

The pretty lights at the gazebo on Sullivan's Island were still bright and pretty last week.

And a few trees still lit up over at Isle of Palms

The big downtown Christmas tree here in Marion Square has now been taken down. 

And the big star at the new condos has disappeared.

I miss the big star and all the bright yard displays too. They sure light up the winter nights!

 We Spent this week carefully packing up all the Christmas decorations, and putting them away until next year.
pastel reindeers with tiny scarves!

I finally have found time to sit down and enjoy some of my holiday and winter magazines!
I love that green cover on the current Southern Living!

Been watching lots of tv too. Have you found any good shows or movies?
We finished up this Season of The Crown.

Love love  this new series, Sweet Magnolias! Can't wait for Season Two.


I also love watching Call the Midwife, I think we are in Season 9.

Wishing y'all a very happy and peaceful Sunday!


  1. You've shown so many neat things but I'll just jump right in and play with Tracie! Oh she is adorable! I love this size doll and made some little clothes for some of mine awhile back. They are fun to dress and you can buy all kinds of accessories. I love her pretty face and those boots! And she can already play the guitar! Wow! I love her. I'm excited to see her. What a great present. Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane and the Florida dollies

  2. HAHA...you took your doll on a walk with you? I have not done that but I have taken a little clown with me to Fla. and took a bunch of pics of it here and there...You see I used to have this little clown on my computer at the TBI. I thought it was adorable but it seemed to freak others out, they said it was ugly. So for a lady I worked with, I took pics of the clown here and there and tagged her on facebook with the pics! The silly things we all do. I love the car gate with the people gate next to it. That is too cute. So glad you loved the taco soup. I ate off it for several meals so I put the rest in the freezer. My tummy can only take so much of that sort of stuff and since my IBS along with the Fibro has been in an up roar I felt it best to put it away for a later date! Like I said, looking at Pinterest you can add other stuff. I meant to get a can of black olive slices for mine and forgot. Sour cream and cheese....really makes the good even better. Thanks for letting me know you tried it. Now....go take a walk!! haha

  3. OH, another Pam above! Hi Pam! I'm Pam too! And I LOVE Tracie!! She is adorable! Is she any particular brand of doll? Where did you find her? I love that you got one for your fairy granddaughter too...can't wait to see the two of you together with them. I'm so glad she still loves to play with dolls. You are blessed to have a sweet "little" to play with. I had all boys and they weren't into dolls. LOL, except for G.I. Joes and Star Wars and other such boy toys. And I don't have any granddaughters either...so I don't know who will inherit all my dolls someday. But that doesn't stop me from playing with the dolls. I love them. I would love to find a "Tracie" kind of doll...she looks like fun, but I probably have too many dolls already, I'm sure that's what my hubby would say...but then again, he DID give a a cute bear when I had my surgery last year, and he doesn't mind that "Bear Bear" sleeps with me. LOL. There is something therapeutic about playing with dolls I guess. I loved your walk about town and the pretty things you and Tracie got to see together. I am sure she loved it too! All Christmas stuff is put away here finally. Now working on Valentine's Day stuff a little at a time. I don't do that much for that, but at least have a sparkly heart on the door, etc. I will have to post that when I get it all done. Happy January! Enjoy your week, and say hi to Tracie for me!

  4. Tracie is darling! What a great idea to have two Tracies so that you and Fairy Granddaughter can play with them together! Also I got all nostalgic when you showed the tree in Marion Square. My TG and I spent our wedding night -- June 16, 1979 -- at the Francis Marion Hotel, and the next morning we walked across the square to attend Sunday morning services at Citadel Square Baptist Church. He is a Citadel graduate (class of '74) so since we'd been married in Atlanta at noon on the previous day, we drove to Charleston for our honeymoon. And he got to show me The Citadel, which was and is a sight to behold! Great memories. xoxo