"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, January 18, 2021


 Tansy and I got new boots! LOL

We both got beige/tan boots

I'm having fun with mine and I know Tansy loves hers. Ha Ha

"These boots were made for walking and that's just what they'll do!"
                              ..........Nancy Sinatra 1966

did any of y'all wear these boots? (below)
I had a black crinkly "wet look" black pair without the laces.... and also the white pair below, we called them "granny boots". Wow, look at those PRICES!! Five,  Seven and eight dollars for a pair of boots!

I wanted a pair with the embroidery like the ones above, but I don't think I ever got a pair.
Speaking of things I loved from the "good old days"...we wore and LOVED Love's Fresh Lemon cologne. I must've gone through buckets of this stuff, it smelled so good and fresh! I had spray colognes, splash colognes, bath powder, and the "Lemon Up" shampoo and conditioner, ooops, I think it was called "creme rinse" back in those days. LOL
the big yellow shampoo bottles with the big plastic lemons on top were always in our bathroom shower!

Wish they still made this stuff.

I also loved the shampoo below, Flex......oh gosh, it smelled SO GOOD. They stopped making this one years ago too. 

Anyone remember the "short and sassy look" commercials with Dorothy?

Remember the "Breck Girls"?

and  how about Herbal Essence?...it smelled so "green"! LOL We loved it and I opened a bottle of it at the store last week and it doesn't smell anything like the original.

...and anything with Farrah's picture on it sold like crazy, right?

So they stopped making Love's fresh Lemon colognes years ago, so I went searching and found this "knock off" one called "Lemon Up" cologne so I ordered it. I was so excited when it arrived!

It does smell good, but NOT AS GOOD as the original.  Which is ok---I expected that. It is also very strong....you only need a tiny amount of this stuff! ha ha LOL

What products did you love that they don't make anymore?
And did  you wear the boots?


  1. I loved Lip Dew by Avon...maybe they DO still make it! lol And yes, I had boots. I had black leather boots and loved them. I like your new boots too. It's been cold enough this winter to wear them. We haven't gotten dressed up to go anywhere though. Hiking boots...maybe! heehee! Hugs!

  2. I did have boots but not like that....mine were black, zipper on the side. Shine type of material...Go Go Boots in the 70's. Breck shampoo....I never used Farrah Hair...haha, cause I learned a long time ago that because her hair looked like that, nine never would. However, I lived through the Farrah hair style in 77/78. Funny how many girls had that style. I did a post years ago of things that once we used and no long have. Will have to look that up again.

  3. I don't remember the lemon fragrances...sorry! I am sure it was very refreshing!!I am not big on cologne and perfume...I am very "scents-itive" to scents and have to be careful what I wear. I mostly use unscented products for laundry, etc. But I did use some Avon colognes back in the day...and I loved the smell of British Sterling for my hubby, but can't even do that now. As for boots, no, living here in Florida during my teen years boots would have been too hot, so I don't think I had any then. I had boots for the cold weather when we moved up north. I know, I am boring. I have some waterproof garden boots now for when I try to walk around our pond, which is rare because the water is too high right now, and there is no real path, but when the water receded a bit in the spring before the summer rains I will be able to walk part way around it again. (And I will have a new walking companion thanks to somebody I know, and I will be taking her on little walkabouts! So excited!) Have a blessed day! Oh, I love YOUR new boots and Tansy's too! I almost forgot to tell you! Those are really sweet!!!

  4. OH if only you could bottle nostalgia! How those bottles would fly off the shelves! This post HIT me in the part of my brain that remembers how things smelled back in the day. When I saw the Revlon Flex bottle I smelled it strongly! SO wonderful and soft a fragrance! And Herbal Essence ... wow you are right. I use their conditioner now but the smell bears no similarity to what it used to be. I loved Love's Hair Fattener ... it came in a green bottle with a blue plastic rounded top ... funny because I have always had thick hair but I couldn't live without that stuff. I still wear Alyssa Ashley Musk, which I wore in the '70s. It does smell exactly the same -- so sweet and feminine. YES I had the vinyl boots! But not the embroidered ones, haaahaha. xoxo