"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, September 14, 2020

thrift store goodies

 Been thrift store shopping!


Perfect book for this time of year!--can't wait to give this to Fairy Granddaughter!

This gardening book looks fun too......both books have big bright pretty pictures.

This little fairy book looks fun as well:

Found a cool dinosaur book too:
the cover is kind of scary.....but the pictures inside the book are very nice

I will save this one and give her close to Christmas.........it looks FUN!!

I got myself some books too.

I think this one is set in the 60s,70s, the "hippie days" LOL

This Savannah one looks good too!  think there are two books inside. Has any of y'all read this author?

A Life of Bright Ideas book

I bought this little book new. I love love love the purple leather cover, so nice!

never heard of this author---but it said "Charleston".....so of course I picked it up! LOL It looks to be set in the Civil War era.

..........and THIS BOOK! LACE!! I think I remember reading this back in the early 80s!!, how bout y'all????

found two lovely dresses for Fairy Granddaughter. This one in yellow has a pretty lace bodice.

and this lilac one has pretty lace over-lays as well.

"fancy" dresses. Maybe she can wear them to church or to a birthday party. Or save them for next Easter.

I got this big coffee table book:
this is an older book, but has some pretty pictures in it

...........and This pretty blue and white skirt!

it's swirly, twirly, and summery! LOL

Today's "arm candy"--big blue marble bracelets! LOL

I hope y'all know that I share my "beads of the day" and "arm candy" of the day strictly for fun, right?--this is in no way/shape/or form "bragging". Almost all my jewelry is fun, cheap, plastic stuff, ha ha LOL--certainly nothing brag worthy. I adore sparkling gaudy costume jewelry--it's fun to wear and that is why I share it. About 90% of my beads/necklaces are ones my Mom gifted me with, SO MANY over the years (pretty much every time she found a necklace or bracelet she loved, she would buy TWO, one for her, and one for me, she was very generous)--I do love to still wear them and they remind me of her.

Broken walls, crumbling bricks, ancient flaky paint, rust, locks, gates.........some of my favorite things to photograph!

wow, the size of those leaves!

Purple plumbago creeping underneath fences!

..........and our hurricane roses bloomed! They usually bloom for me twice a summer, sometimes 3 times. This year they are butter yellow. In previous years they have been yellow/orange streaked, pink and yellow, and now just yellow. They keep me guessing! LOL I read somewhere that they do this because of grafting the stems?

Beads today were dainty little blue and white glass beads. My Mom gave these to me.

The time has now come to put away white shoes and pocketbooks. (and white dresses and skirts too I suppose--although I have been known to put on a white skirt or white slacks with wintry sweaters and called it "winter white", ha ha LOL) I know......I am hopelessly old fashioned with these old somewhat outdated Southern "rules" and customs, LOL!----just how I was raised, y'all. (Mom, Ma-Maw, all aunts, etc.--Southern Ladies all) LOL!
  I've been slowly putting away my summer clothes and getting out Fall things. I'll be so happy when it's chilly enough to wear VELVET again! and SWEATERS!!

Hope y'all had a nice weekend! So glad you came to visit  me today, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Look at you in your new outfit! You got a lot of good deals on your shopping jaunt and love all the greenery.

  2. I love seeing your jewelry and knowing I wear some of the same type bracelets. I was thinking about unity bracelets that I've seen. I wonder if they are something I could make! LOVE the lace dresses you found for your granddaughter. And books...oh my! You hit the jackpot. I would rather sit on the floor...or maybe the bed and read the children's books! Join me? Hugs!

  3. Oh I want "The Pumpkin Faerie" for myself!!!! ~grin~

    Love your top and skirt. Love that kind of dressing. Trouble is, I do not have a "bust line," anymore. LOL Sooooo, I need gathering in a top. Hard to find.

    Of course you are just having fun, showing your "bling"!!!! Anyone knows these are casual jewelry! Did someone accuse you of bragging???????? Oh good grief!!!!! A lot of people, have too much time, on their hands, if they did.

    But I know, how....Sometimes.... For some reason.... We begin to wonder if something we blog, is misunderstood by some reader. I know. ~sigh~

    Well, if they did chide you, they are silllllllllyyyyyyyyy!!!!! So there!


  4. Hi there, It doesn't feel like it's time to put away the white shoes and summer clothes YET here.. We still seem to be having summertime heat and humidity STILL... I am SO ready for some FALL Weather and cooler temps....

    Looks like you had fun shopping.... The books --for the kids and for you---are all neat purchases..... I know you enjoyed yourself!!!!!

    Have a fantastic week.

  5. I love your outfit, Debbie, and the books look so sweet. I have not been in a store since March 2nd and I miss it. The good thing is that I find that I don’t really” need any more stuff, the bad thing is Amazon is too easy..

  6. Love the lace and yellow of that little pretty dress. I love it. I have not been thrift store shopping in a long while. Not been road side shopping either. I love both but just have not been into it lately. Trying to weed things out as it is so I am doing my best to not be bringing in a lot more things! As for beads and stuff, I have sort toned that down a bit also. I have always had earrings, necklaces and toe rings, ankle bracelets...but on top of not getting out going to work and out with friends, I am not doing that much anymore. I do in the summer wear my ankle bracelets, and toe ring all summer. I never take those off till I start wearing socks. I always have my diamond earrings in an earring in my extra hole!. My mom's thumb print necklace never leaves my neck....but when I do go out I wear earrings in my first set of holes, rings and bracelets....I have a lot. HAHA.....I also have enough clothes to get me through about two months without washing....crazy right? haha.....I have been checking books out of the library on line, they deliver to the car when they come in at my library. Only my last pick up, I have no clue what I did...I think I ordered on a late night with no sleep cause it was all wrong. However, I have reordered and they are ready for pick up. Trying to read at night to relax.

  7. HI Debbie,
    I"m finally back to blog land after having to leave it for a bit.. I LOVE everything you got.. Especially the books I"m a book nerd at heart. I would LOVE to read that book Heavenward... Also loved the childrens books especially the one about South Carolina!.
    Hope you had a good day today!

  8. Oh what fun you had shopping! Would love to sit and peruse the books...and I love those darling dresses for your "fairy granddaughter". She will be thrilled I am sure. Love your pretty beads and bracelets and that blue and white skirt is so pretty. Yes, my mother, MIL, grandmother, all had the rules about white shoes and purses for summer only. I don't wear white shoes or white pocketbooks anymore anyway, so it doesn't really matter. I guess I just don't dress up that much, except on Sunday, but we are still fairly informal and casual so the rules don't seem to apply anymore. That old building is fascinating. Sad to see it go to ruin like that. I am sure it was elegant in its day. Thank you for your delightful walks about town. Always a pleasure.

  9. A great post! Hello there, I popped on over from 'Beside a babbling brook' when she mentioned your jewelry :) I love looking at jewelry! And I thought your outfit was very pretty. Enjoyed all your photos and just wanted to say so. Have a great weekend!

    1. I think I got confused, I saw your comment mentioning jewelry, it wasn't our sweet host Babbling brook, though I enjoyed what she had to say to you :) but glad I came over no matter the reason :)

  10. Oh, Debbie!!! I love your outfit and those white sandals! Who SAYS we can't wear what we want to WHEN we want to?? I love your style and I love YOU!
    PS...I wear anthing I want to and last week I carried a white purse! SO THERE!!!
    Let's do this together!! Your white sandals and my white (London Fog from a thrift store brand new!)purse!! We ROCK!