"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, December 11, 2020

scenes on a winter night

A few Fall leaves fluttering around. We don't see too many of those here.

Night Scenes:

I got my red silk blouse at a thrift store and I love it! I love wearing red around the holidays

With red blouses, red skirts, red dresses, red coats.........one needs a good classic RED LIPSTICK, right? So I went searching........and found these:

The Revlon Red is perfect, I am so happy with it! I also found a nice red lip gloss by L.A. colors, to add shine to it.


Beads today....there's my Seahorse pendant and my leaf necklace again! LOL And the colorful beads I bought this summer.

Shadows and Lanterns

we still have lots of cannas blooming here and I love them!

glimpsing sparkling chandeliers through windows--always a common sight here

When people leave their windows open and the city sidewalks are inches away....you can't help but see things in the window as you pass by, ha ha

The tree in the middle of the pond is gorgeous this year

At the thrift store this week I found THREE Elin Hilderbrand books, Yay!! I started reading her this summer and have loved every single one since, can't wait to read these!

Got out the Christmas music!:

my favorite is the Osmond one.....NOBODY can harmonize like those brothers! Beautiful voices and actual talent.

Hope your week is going great, I am tackling Christmas cards tonight!
Do you send cards and if so, are you done?


  1. That Christmas tree in the lake is gorgeous! The lantern light was pretty and was surprised to see the flower. Haven't sent out Christmas cards in many years now and feel I have even become a bit of a scrooge:)

  2. Debbi, Love the reflected tree. Oh yes girl, I would absolutely be a window peeper, if I walked down those streets. LOL I love seeing decorations and sometimes a cat sitting on the sill. I like red also. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. i do sent christmas cards, they are suppose to arrive from the printers today!! they come addressed, so i will be able to get them right back in the mail!! i am a window peeper, i enjoy seeing how other people decorate their homes!!

    the christmas tree in the lake is so pretty, the reflection is lovely. this was another great walk!!

  4. Beautiful walk...yes, I do send Christmas cards, and no I haven't even started. I've had a stiff neck and shoulder and can't do any writing, even computer is a problem and I have to pace myself and not sit here too long. Praying that I can get caught up next week, letting myself heal this week. It'll get done sooner or later. Love the chandeliers. I would hate to dust them, but they are gorgeous.