"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

yellow sunshine

 Darn! the time has changed and now it gets dark so early!

this time of year I go in search of the pretty yellow Cassia trees I love so much.

They were easy to find on this Fall night!

The very next night, we set out to photograph one of my favorite Cassias that is on the corner.

My little doll Tracie was happy to pose for pictures with the yellow trees!
she loves "arm candy" too! LOL

My beads that night were my "blue pearls", as little Fairy Granddaughter calls them! LOL

Then we came in and celebrated the memory of our beloved Gypsy, on what would've been her birthday. We light a twinkie up in her memory each year. Sure do miss her.

She loved her twinkies on her birthday!!

do you have Cassia trees where you live?


  1. Oh those cassia trees are so lovely. I know they are around, but we don't have any. My sister has one, but she's not that nearby so that I can go see it. They are beautiful! And I am happy that Tracie loved going to see them too! She looks so pretty in her outfit and "arm candy". Oh, how sweet to remember the birthday of your sweet "Gypsy". (((hugs))) Are you all getting excited about Christmas? We sure are, but I still have shopping to do. Trying to not do that much this year as I am still in recuperation mode, or at least that's my excuse. LOL. Love your post and your outfit and YOU!

  2. I'm not sure but I think so! And the Twinkie for your Gypsy ... awwww! Love your outfits and especially your blue pearls! xoxo

  3. You will NOT believe this but we have one near our house that we drive by every time we go somewhere and (I need to capitalize all of this) WE did NOT know what IT WAS!!! It is loaded with blooms and gorgeous and we wondered...and wondered! And now we KNOW! Thank you. You deserve a yankee dime or at least a hug around the neck! (a yankee dime is a kiss! heehee) You are the BEST!!!

  4. Yes we have those trees everywhere and they are pretty but oh what a mess they leave and they stain everything they touch.

  5. i don't think we have any of those yellow trees in our area, but i am not sure!! you look so pretty, wearing your yellow scarf to celebrate the trees!!

    LOVE the twinkie, try drizzling it with homemade strawberry sauce, it is delicious!!