"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, March 1, 2021

over by Wentworth


because of all the tangles of wires and such---it's hard to get a good picture of the Wentworth Mansion, but IT IS so pretty!

y'all know how I LOVE SEAHORSES!--sure love this old birdbath

light on up in the mansion

"You've got mail"           ha ha LOL

We met a nice boy doggie.....his name is Memphis!

And off he goes with his lady.........they were off for a jog

the big pretty "Snow Moon" Saturday night, did y'all see it?

my cute new little phone purse I got, it's real small, but perfect for walking for just camera batteries, phone, hanky, lipstick, etc. I think it's even waterproof?

and got some new Spring nail polish:

and..........here's my new doll!! Meet Amybelle!

Tracie Gale and Amybelle say hi to Mommie's friends! "howdy y'all!!"

"always remember to have fun!"
have a great Monday!


  1. Oooooh your polishes are so cute! I love spring colors on my nails. The girls seem to be having a blast too. The Wentworth Mansion ... I bet it could tell some tales! xo

  2. Love the pictures of the Wentworth, and I especially love seeing Tracie and Amybelle with you! I know they had a wonderful time seeing so much beauty, and even meeting a dog named Memphis!! What fun!! Lily Grace sends her love to all of you. Congratulations to Amybelle for making her debut here on your blog!! Now she'll be famous!!! Love, Pam and Lily Grace

  3. How impressive! I bet the inside is just as beautiful!

  4. You know I love gates. Living in the subdivision I live in with big yards, most folks don't have gates. However, I love driving through where my son lives in Calif and looking at all the gates.

  5. You always bring us the best door photos, I love it! Your spring mail colours are lovely! Hi to your beautiful girls!

  6. gorgeous old buildings!! i enjoy your walks and wonder how often you walk about?? every day/evening?? you look great debbi!!!