"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Palms and Wisteria

 Trotting right on in to wish y'all a very happy Palm  Sunday!--oh my goodness aren't these horses gorgeous?

Oh my goodness, it's  BEAUTIFUL DAY  here in Charleston. It's warm and breezy and SUNNY!

After church we went for a walk and look what we discovered? Yay! The beautiful purple wisteria is in FULL BLOOM!

I did not expect it to be today, but here it is......wisping and twirling and trailing and smelling oh so delicious!

huge heavy bumblebees bump around amongst the blossoms

People are out everywhere!--enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fresh air!

Ladies have pulled out their Spring shade hats and frocks!

my favorite place to see the wisteria every year

Folks out enjoying the spring day:

The young girls have got out their summer shorts and sandals!

sidewalks are full!

pretty pink in a sea of fluffy white azaleas!

Peeking out!

from a distance, they look like clusters of grapes, don't they?

colorful windowbox blooms here!

big old gate post

another gorgeous horse, enjoying his work on the streets today! I am guessing all the carriage and wagon tours are booked solid today.

Happy spring day, y'all!


  1. Wonderful! I wish I was there! We are still required to wear masks and social distance,,, you look like your area is back to normal! That’s great!

  2. Oh wow! Those wisterias are gorgeous!! I love to see them blooming. And they do smell so pretty. I miss mine. I had them growing on the fence at our last house, but none here. I may have to go find some. Spring has truly sprung in your area! We are already past azalea blossoms! They were gorgeous this year, but they just don't last long enough. Thank you for sharing your beautiful city with us. I enjoyed that walk with you so much. Someday it would be fun to do that together for real!! (with our little friends along too...) Have a blessed Holy Week dear friend.

  3. Oh my aren't you cute posing in front of that beautiful wisteria and how pretty those peeking out flowers are. Love going on your walks as never know what I might see.

  4. We don't grow wisteria well here. And oh, I wish I did. Just swooning at these photos and you in front of them, too! Gorgeous!

  5. The Wisteria is such a beautiful plant and I love seeing it at this time of year.

  6. I love it so much when the wisteria blooms! Purple is my second favorite color! I too felt it burst out early this year; I usually associate it with the month of April but we are drenched in it down here. All of the street scenes are so charming, and I love the horses! Happy Easter, my friend! xoxo

  7. pretty horses, i am such a lover of horses!! the wisteria is gorgeous, the perfect color, i can't wait until ours blooms!! the peaking out flowers, is that azalea??

    you look good debbi, so happy!!

  8. What a busy walk you had. I love Wisteria....beautiful.