"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, March 8, 2021

Life lately

 Happy March!!

the "peeps" are out, the stores aren't wasting ANY TIME, are they? LOL

some of my colorful "chandeliers":

some pictures of the pretty sun rise the other day....

One night I took my little "fleet" of hippie buses out to make pictures! LOL

Yep, easily amused! ha ha! LOL

.and on another chilly Spring evening--window shopping.

I had Tracie with me that night!

Fun to look into the antique shops:

scary lion peeking through! LOL

This antique store IS WILD! ha ha LOL, there is a wolf as well!

"arm candy" LOL

What are y'all watching lately? We're on Season 2 of "Virgin River". It's very good!


Have y'all tried this stuff?--if you get a chance, BUY IT, you won't be sorry! LOL (it's drizzled in chocolate!)

The rest of the books I got for Valentines day arrived---which one should I read first?

Been enjoying watching the birds!

bath time!

.........and getting seeds ready!

Fun to look at the flower catalogues!:

I found a beautiful black and white bowl at the thrift store:
Wishing you a great week!


  1. That black and white bowl is just beautiful!!

  2. I love seeing Tracie with you...all dressed to the nines! I've missed window shopping...and ALL shopping! That's a yellow rump Warbler...do you know what people call it? Butter butt! I'm serious! That's a cute little butter butt! Hugs!

  3. I love antique shops but I really never buy much. Can't afford what I want! lol....I love going in and walking around and of course, taking pics. I used to do that a lot before COVID when I wanted to get out but did not want to go far. Saw the first blooming daffodils on Thursday and redbud trees yesterday. SPRING is coming in slowly. Love the brick alley way. I wished I had brick like that in my house. Bricks in the home looks amazing. I do no do PEEPS....YUCK. Not been out on the deck that much cause my mornings are still really cool and I need to clean the birdfeeder to bring the birdies......I did however find feathers of a cardinal that it looks like a cat got hold of in the front yard. NOT my cats cause they can't leave the deck!

  4. Wow! so much to look at...really pretty stuff! Love the "chandeliers"! So colorful! Happy to see Tracie out with you...I wonder what she thought about that big bad wolf! And she looked a little like Little Red Riding Hood! She looks so pretty in her red dress and fur collar. Love that black and white bowl! Wow! That's a beaut! Love your birdies too. We've been watching a lot of birds lately. This has been a good spring for them so far. You have such neat places to walk!! What fun. Lily Grace sends her love. xoxoxoxo

  5. it is so nice that you can walk and window shop during the pandemic. i am not a shopper. i have shopped on-line for years and i find it much more enjoyable. i like the colorful chandeliers, the awesome pictures of your birds and the picture of you. you look good & happy!!

    have you seen safe haven, it's really good, or at least i loved it!!

  6. Last things first: I LOVE that black and white bowl! I want one just like it! Also your green arm candy is stunning. Those books all look so good, I wouldn't know where to start either! Love your colorful chandeliers and just don't get me started on the subject of Easter candy! Peeps, jelly eggs ... I just can't resist. But I MUST! xoxo