"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, February 27, 2021

dogs out for the sunny day

 The weather here is warm and sunny and pretty today....."everybody and their dog" is OUT! lol

I thought this dog was a STATUE when I first saw it! LOL

Sitting pretty!

This sweet doggie was peeking through the gate!

"hello.....come over here and pet me!" LOL

This big magnificent dog was sitting in a jeep, waiting for his person to come out of the grocery

this dog was enjoying a warm day out by the water

.....and this dog peeked at me through the porch.

dogs on walks and dogs on RIDES in baskets!

....and on golf carts!
And plenty of dogs peeking out of car windows!
gorgeous face!!

Charleston is a dog friendly city, and I love getting to see them all out enjoying their day!


  1. Wow! this post has gone to the dogs! LOL. So many beautiful doggies! Wow! They really were out in style too. Glad you captured their beautiful faces. Looks like it was a wonderful day!!! Love ya bunches. Pam and Lily Grace xoxoxoxo

  2. I love going down the road and see a doggie with his head stuck out the window, loving the air hitting him in the fact. When I saw the dog sticking its head through the rails of the porch I thought he would get stuck, then I saw the rain was broken!!..Dogs are such happy babes. We went from freezing our tails off 1.5 weeks ago on a Tue to it being 71 the next Tue. Hit the low 80's two days ago, today 55 and rainy. But....spring is around the corner.

  3. I love the dog looking like a statue! What wonderful faces!

  4. Love seeing all the dogs! That one really did look like a statue!

  5. They are all so beautiful...enjoying some Spring like weather! Happy week my friend!

  6. I love meeting dogs when out and about, and taking their pictures. I have taken so many pictures of dogs in cemeteries. Dogs love to walk in cemeteries. The other day TG and I were taking a walk in our neighborhood and I took a picture of a little Corgi sitting at the storm door, just watching the world go by. Haaaahaha xo