"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mepkin Abbey


We went to visit an Abbey.
It's 3,000 acres, and way out in the country. The land was originally granted in 1681 to the sons of Sir John Colleton. By the eighteenth century, it had become a big rice plantation  of Henry Laurens. He was President of the Continental Congress way back during the Revolutionary War.
This is now the home of  a community of Roman Catholic monks. They live here and work the land here on three old plantations,-- Mepkin, Clermont, and Washington.

These carvings are made out of fallen live oak trees from Hurricane Hugo, 1989.

and there are statues:

Lots of statues and big old trees

peaceful sunshine along the river

Many flower remembrances left on this wall.

It was a very interesting place to visit!


  1. Love those big old trees and the river is beautiful. Thanks for taking us with you.

  2. ooooh those trees, the pictures are like art!! a wonderful place to walk, you look awesome debbi!!

    why not climb up on that big ole' branch?!?! hehehehe

  3. Such beautiful old oaks...and wonderful grounds. Love the statues too. Did you take Tracie and Amybelle to see this? I am sure they would have loved it too. Very pretty indeed. You have so much beauty surrounding your area. I am glad you enjoy visiting it and sharing it with us!! Have a wonderful day. Love to all of you!!

  4. You visit the most interesting places! And you dress up to do it!!

  5. I love your visit to historic places, Debbi. This one is particularly beautiful and I suspect it is very peaceful. Thanks for posting it -- something new!

  6. How wonderful a Winter weekend, to visit such a Summery Place! Had I not emerged from snowbound-for-three-weeks into a sunny day yesterday, with wearing T-shirt, slacks and sandals on my errands, I'd have thought these from last Summer.

    So happy to see you out and about on all your adventures, and thankful you're so willing to share. Stay well and warm, my faraway friend.