"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, February 6, 2021

camellias in the rain


Rain, rain, rain.....

Howdy Y'all!---Let's just grab our umbrellas!

.......and go searching for the camellias and other pretty flowers that are in full bloom today.

 it's a beautiful rainy day, lets go for a walk! Is it ok with you if little Tracie joins us? She's excited to go walking in the rain!

you can't see it too well, but that is my new pin, it's a huge sparkly colorful butterfly, LOL!

water water everywhere, even on the street sign, ha ha ha LOL!

There's some lovely bright pink ones right over there!

Here we are standing in front of the Daniel Huger house. It was built in 1760 out of good strong bricks, but they later put stucco over the bricks after the big earthquake of 1886.
They think it was built for Elizabeth Izard, as a wedding gift from her grandfather, Captain John Bull.
 It's a Georgian style, three stories tall and with triple piazzas, perfect for breezy summer days, and was inherited by Daniel Eliott Huger, from his uncle, in 1818. It has remained in the Huger family ever since.

Tracie spots a whole bush of flowers right over here

gorgeous scarlet blossoms!

.....and so many buds waiting to burst out as well.

and on we go...........

We stop to look at these bright cyclamen!

I think Tracie likes this pink house!!
It matches these cotton candy pink camellias.

glistening pathways

Tracie points and says "I see something pretty over that way!"

She has found a pretty mandevilla flower, I believe it is?

well, Tracie is getting a little chilly.........so time to get back inside and have supper! Meat loaf tonight!

I hope y'all enjoyed getting outside today and getting some nice fresh AIR!!! and enjoying those pretty rain-washed blooms with us!

Been catching up with reading my magazines and Debbie--when I saw these pictures I thought of you! You knit and crochet so many amazing things, thought you might like to check these out:

Anyone else knit and crochet?

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Your photos are beautiful! It’s wonderful to see the flowers and not a flake of snow in sight! Those plant covers are beautiful, thank you for the wonderful walk!

  2. Hi Debbi, So nice to walk around with you. I loved seeing the flowers. Love seeing the older homes too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I love your polka dots and that beautiful butterfly pin! What fun to make it a dollie outing. We had some sprinkles on us on the FL trails yesterday. And Camellias are so beautiful and blooming here too. They look like big flat roses! Hugs!

  4. i LOVE your polka dot umbrella, it is the bomb!! and all those knitting and crochet items are so pretty and purposeful!! i love seeing that people are knitting, people tell me that it is a lost art but i beg to disagree!!

    gorgeous flowers today!! we have snow on the ground, with more to come tomorrow. i say, "bring it"!!

  5. Oh Debbi and Tracie...Lily Grace is just hopping up and down looking at these pictures of you two, and she wants to go for a walk with you so badly!! She absolutely LOVES Tracie's pretty hair scarf and that beautiful navy blue flowered dress she is wearing...so fancy and beautiful! And she also loves your beautiful new butterfly pin! Gorgeous!! And the polka dot umbrella!! Lily Grace got to see some beautiful camellia flowers at our church last week I think it was. They are SO pretty now! It is damp here today, but not currently raining. We just came back from our normal walk to check on the wild plum blossoms. Getting ready to post something soon. LOved your walk together so much. Thank you for sharing with us. Lily Grace sends her love to both of you. xoxoxoxo Me too.

  6. Can't get over how much blooms you have....the rodent said 6 more weeks of winter. According to the weather and what 70% of what the states will be facing next weekend, winter is still with us. So ready for nicer days. Yes, more history to come on older homes around me.

  7. those flowers are beautiful. I stopped over from Lilly Grace's page your so pretty Tracy. Looking forward to your adventures

  8. Those camelias are great. And I love the hats. They look like little chia pets!

  9. Ah! I love a rainy day! Tracie looked smashing for her excursion into the damp and glowing streets. I share her love of pink houses and I adore camellias. xoxo