"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome June!

 May arrived......and went by so quickly, didn't it?

I had my birthday.....I awoke to roses and balloons!

I took them outside to make pictures of them

Birthday "arm candy", LOL:

There were cards and nice surprises all day long.........

friends from church stopped by with lovely garden flowers, cards, and desserts.

Even the deer stopped by! LOL
I got these fun pictures:
........and a nice pocketbook:

Lots of books! and a movie

Lovely scarves, one blue and one green.

and these big extra large drinking cups. I love them! I got the one in the middle for Mother's Day, and the other two for my birthday. I am ALL SET FOR ice cold tea this summer!
We had yummy Mexican for supper:

It was a great birthday! Hope your week is going fine and Spring is nice in  your area. We are sure enjoying the cooler weather this Spring....usually by now, it's blazing HOT. This year's mild and cool spring has been so nice. It's perfect porch sittin' weather. We know the hot weather of a lowcountry summer is on it's way! Happy, happy June, y'all!


  1. what an awesome post debbi with great pictures!! happy birthday!! i'm so happy you had a nice day!!

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY!!! What a great celebration!
    The weather has been exceptionally mild in Texas as well. What a blessing compared to this time last year!
    Happy June to you, my dear!

  3. Sounds charming, as all birthdays should be! Congratulations Debbi! xoxo