"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, May 19, 2023

Mother's Day Sunday

 If you celebrate Mother's Day....I hope you had a very nice one!

Mine was very lovely, and my roses bloomed just in time!

(above)--pretty ribbons I got for Spring/summer 

Wrapping up little presents for Mother's day....and our resident woodpecker stopped in. He is loud!

Did a Dolly Parton theme for daughter's present. She got cake mixes and icings, a Dolly "cup of ambition" (from the 9 to 5 song) coffee cup, and a Dolly book.

Got Fairy Granddaughter this children's book:

Daughter and Fairy Granddaughter got me this Pioneer Woman drink mug, it's so big and colorful, I love it!

I had a new dress to wear, which made me happy

.....and yes we still honor the old traditional Southern custom of corsages for Mother's day. A white one if your Mother has gone on to Heaven, and a red one of your Mother is still living. Little Fairy Granddaughter was very proud of her little red corsage she wore to church. And of course, it's a day for pearls. We are so old fashioned. LOL

All the mothers at the church service were honored with pretty fans which were passed out. I love fans, so I loved that present.

Mr. Front Porch put out a big bucket of ice and cold bottles for us. They DISSAPEARED QUICKLY. There was vanilla root beer, regular root beer, grape soda and a few others, I think. I forgot to get creme soda, I love creme soda!

corn bubbling in a big pot---we all love corn on the cob here. Smothered in BUTTER. LOL

I made a big bowl of "tater" salad the day before. And deviled eggs.

Mr. Front Porch grilled for us....cheeseburgers, steaks, and salmon.

key lime pie for dessert

Fairy Granddaughter's Pa-Paw brought home sweet "taters" the day before, and she had a new pair of garden gloves.....so she couldn't wait to get out in the garden to help plant those!

I got a pretty card, delicious supper, cherished time with our daughter and Fairy Granddaughter, a new dress, and .........................................THESE!!
meet the new babies of the flock. This is Rose and Blanche. They are keeping me busy. Downy soft fluff-balls, noisy, and so sweet.

tiny baby figs, just starting, on the fig tree

And remember these little dainty white flowers I couldn't identify, and nobody else really knew either....well a lady nearby correctly identified them as BLACKBERRIES!

Daddy bluebird--keeping his family fed and happy

our babies fledged not too long ago. I am hoping a new family now comes to nest in the vacant house.
Hope your week  has been real nice, and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for coming to visit me!


  1. OH Debbi, this was so wonderful!!! I LOVE every speck of it! From start to finish! So HAPPY your daughter and fairy granddaughter were there to celebrate Mother's Day with you! That is the best gift of all!!! I am SO happy for you. I loved this. Love seeing Fairy granddaughter's pearls, carnation, and garden gloves...and the book by Dolly Parton about the coat of many colors. Oh how wonderful. What a wonderful day you day. God bless you dear friend. This was marvelous!!!!!!

  2. Debbi what an absolutely LOVELY post! I love your new dress and I love Mother's Day corsages (we don't do that but I am determined to revive the tradition here) and I love steaks and burgers and tater salad and corn on the cob and key lime pie and ribbons and presents and gardening gloves and pearls! And Rose and Blanche! How darling! I bet your heart was a-bursting. So many blessings from God, we can hardly count them. xoxo

  3. what a wonderful post debbi, you are getting really amazing bird and wildlife images!! the bluebirds, wow, how amazing!! i love your gloves, your new dress and those cute little babies from the flock!! i will have one steak and the entire bowl of potato salad!! when you get a chance, could you share the recipe and how you cook your potatoes!! thanks in advance!!

  4. That bluebird found something yummy and all those pretty white flowers will be blackberries....ahhh....life is good! Love all the Mother's day traditions that I grew up with too. You new dress is so pretty and your hair is getting so long! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  5. I love tater salad but its the funniest thing, I have NEVER made it. I like mine as a mix between smashed taters and chunks and I have always thought it would be a pain for me to get it done without mashing it all up. Now that I don't hardly cook at all....well, not going to happen. The Eastern Bluebird was my moms fave bird...they are so beautiful in color. Sounds like you had a great moms day

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Debbi. I just love Dolly Parton and think she has done so much good for the world through her generosity. She's a blessing to so many. I hope you have a really wonderful upcoming week. xo Diana
    ps-I am a pearl wearer, too.

  7. What a perfectly wonderful Mother's Day!! And that ROSE! Gorgeous as are YOU in your new dress! I love all things 'old fashioned!'