"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, June 17, 2023

a country birthday!

 Presents being wrapped in anticipation for Fairy Granddaughter's  Country  Birthday Weekend!

"yay, she's here, she's here!!!" hollers Tammie!
..........and they're OFF!! HA HA LOL

So much to see and do here. She is a city child!---so everything out here is fun and different and fascinating to her. LOL
Even "jobs" are fun.
First up...cleaning and filling the hummingbird's feeders with fresh nectar.

(I make the nectar, and they put it in. I'm now making more batches a week, there are either more hummingbirds, or they are drinking more and taking it to their tiny babies.)
............and then putting worms into the worm kitchen for the hungry bluebirds

Loving the binoculars! She barely put them down all weekend. LOL

............and seeing neat things. Like this pretty Resurrection fern, so green, so shaggy.
Blue country skies......
and sweet pansies dancing in the breeze.

"wildlife" ha ha LOL

Cleaned out the bluebird house after the fledgelings grew up and flew out, and getting it ready for the next bluebird family, Mr. Front Porch found their nest and looks like a few of their eggs didn't hatch. That was sad. And explains why we didn't see hardly any babies.

then friends came!.......and Pa-Paw filled up the big big BIG SWIM POOL!
Room for everybody!
See how big it is? Perfect Tansy size! LOL

Splish, Splash.........the girls had a ball. 

There were three little girls here, and a newborn baby boy. Rocking chairs on the porch, plenty of cold sweet tea and nice breezes, watching the kids run and search and holler and chase and jump and climb and play. As children were meant to do.

I think these Things are good for kids: Ponds, fishing, tree houses, bikes, forts, rocks, baby animals, balls, wagons, picnics, wading, tree swings, and a blanket on the grass underneath a big shady tree to nap or read a good book.

Looking for adventure

Look closely and you might see a woodpecker:

And she can't wait to GET INTO THE DIRT! LOL

So she helped Pa-Paw plant "taters" and beans that day.

There are ladies to be watered and fed and Fairy Granddaughter loves to gather up the eggs!...helping Pa-Paw water banana plants......and dogs to run with!

Bindie and Tammie love when Fairy Granddaughter comes! That's a look of love on Bindie's face, LOL
Lots of beautiful animals to see

She helped me put the coffee grounds into my roses

She requested chinese for her birthday supper, so we found one.

I forget what that dish was that she hoped to find, and they did have it, so she was happy!

.......and there was cake with confetti sprinkles and fluffy frosting and bright glowing candles........

........and presents to un-wrap.

Pretty summer dresses to un-wrap...to try on........and to TWIRL IN........
Twirling tornadoes, ha ha LOL
and check out those socks with this dress! LOL

There were cards to open

And charms to open too. They had just went to Disney in Florida, so I got her the mouse ears, and others.

and the little Girl Scout uniform for her doll.

And of course........BOOKS. This Ma-Maw always encourages books, and reading. 

(about the author):

Horse books are usually a winner. This book had really nice pictures:

She loves our chickens, so thought she might like this book too:

Later we celebrated Her Mommy's birthday when she arrived as well. She requested seafood. It was really delicious:

Some of her presents included these so so so SOFT headbands I love (and I hope she does too!):

I usually gift pearls for her birthdays and Christmas, it's one of our traditions. But this time I opted for something totally bright and different!!

If you're not in a pearl mood.....these might just be the thing! LOL

Binoculars, check. Hardhat, check. Large "coffee", check. Headed off to the country morning! LOL

Quickly, baton challenges happened. Fairy Granddaughter wants to know how high her Mommy can toss it and if she can still do one turns, two turns, and illusions. LOL
challenge was accepted....so much ROOM to toss here they say! LOL....no wires all over to try to avoid. ha ha

Remarks were made about how she twirled two fire batons at once, back in high school. "not even gonna TRY THAT, don't want to burn that forest down!" she told us. ha ha LOL

Barn kitties were played with, loved on, and ran with.
This one just LOVES Fairy Granddaughter......and follows her everywhere.

Wildflowers were enjoyed and seeds she picked out and planted in her own pot to take home and grow. About a week later, she told us her seeds had come up, she was excited! I think she planted marigolds.

What a fun weekend we had! Thankful we were blessed with warm sunny weather and could be outside alot.
Hope you are doing fine and that you have a great weekend. It's sure a busy time of year for us here. Happy happy Summer!


  1. Oh, this does my heart so much good to see all the joy on Fairy Granddaughter's face and watch her enjoy the country and being at Mamaw and Papaw's house! I know your heart was rejoicing all the time! And such lovely gifts! And what a beautiful cake! And the kitty cat and the dogs and the chickens...all so much fun and love. I am sorry about the baby bluebird eggs. We had the same thing happen here. I think it is getting too hot for them. We have another batch waiting to hatch now, or they may have already hatched as I saw Daddy Bluebird bringing food to Mommy Bluebird, so she may be having to feed them already. Oh, I loved this post SO much. I know it is everything you've been praying for...to have your darling girls at your home in the country and celebrating together! My heart is so happy for you!!! Happy Birthday to both of your sweet girls! And I was wondering, were the little friends some of your granddaughter's friends from the city, or were they local children to make some new friends in the country? Either way, how wonderful! Take care my friend, and enjoy your country home!!! God is so good.

  2. What a birthday! Sure can tell that girl is loved.

  3. Happy Birthday to Fairy Granddaughter! xoxo

  4. So much to encompass, so much to do and see and LOVE. I'll be running these snapshots through my mind all day, flickering from one to the next, from arrival to cake, from coffee to dusk, just living that dream of a birthday. What a glorious way to celebrate floating up to the cusp of TEENS, and what a fabulous group to party with! So familiar, so far away. Simply lovely.

  5. I meant to say that I covered the entire story humming "Girls in whirly dresses, with blue satin sashes. I'll still be doing it at bedtime---every good movie needs a soundtrack.