"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, June 23, 2023

Father's Day

Father's Day dawned bright and sunny and HOT! 

Here's the picture for June on my John Sloane country calendar:
John Sloane

Off to church, Father's Day

(above, our first sunflower bloom of the summer!)

We visited Beaufort after church

Beaufort is the second oldest city in our State
the seaport city was formally founded in 1711, by the British, but was discovered in 1514
The little city was hopping! Lots of folks out enjoying Father's Day, the sunshine, and the salty air.

Beaufort was a summer retreat for the enormously  wealthy plantation owners, made rich from the Carolina Gold rice, indigo, and the Sea Island cotton, and one of the only towns that the Union soldiers didn't burn down in the Civil War.
Other seaport cities such as Charleston and Georgetown also became wealthy from the plantations and were busy with commerce.

Alot of the big old pretty houses from the plantation era are now inns, Bed and Breakfasts, and restaurants. 

Restaurants were busy and lots to see and do

Enjoying the Waterfront Park and marina
Lots of people out on the water:

There's a nice big playground for kids too
Tracie and Amybelle liked seeing the big bridge, and wanted to go find the swings!

....and we found them.

The Riverside swings are so nice! The perfect place to catch a nice breeze on a hot day

Lots of pretty flowers to see!
So many neat little shops to look at! Let's go window shopping.......

Lots of neat kitchen stuff, and I love that crab platter!

Pretty glass  mermaid

A pretty summer sundress in blue........and a pretty dog.....

ooooops.......make that TWO DOGS! LOL

Waterfront swings, lots of benches, lanes and nooks and crannies to see, and to sit and relax or have a meal or an ice cream

Interesting staircase!!

It was a lovely day in Beaufort. We did alot of walking along the sea wall.... but we spent most of the afternoon relaxing in the swings! Supper was lasagna and I made Mr. Front Porch a cake too.


  1. I loved every minute of your day---what lovely adventures you have---I somehow think of all your outings as "strolls" because you stop to smell ALL the roses, and display so many of the wonderful sights and people and houses. I never think of your home as a tourist town, but as just where you live and know the area by heart.

  2. it looks like such a great day!! i LOVE those red, white and blue rockers!! the shops there look wonderful!!

    mr. front porch is a lucky guy!!

  3. My comments keep jumping out and disappearing before I can publish them. I will try again. I somehow missed this post. I am way behind in reading. It looks like you all had a wonderful Father's Day! Even Tracie and Amybelle got to go along for the adventure, and it looks like they had a wonderful time. I am sure Lily Grace would have loved joining them! I would too. I love all the vintage items you saw in the windows and the swings, and everything. What a fun day. When did you have time to make lasagna and a cake too? You are amazing! So happy to hear from you. Love to all of your sweet family!