"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Old neighborhoods, Old houses

One of my readers named Jacqueline over at :butterstoneatwhiteoak.blogspot.com  asked me the other day if I walk by the house that is being restored on a show called "This Old House". I was happy to walk over and make these pictures for you, Jacqueline!

 I don't watch the show, so I don't know how far they are on the work, but this is what it looks like right now. There was a pile of pretty pillows and things for staging or decorating and there were already nice plants on the front piazza, and the lanterns were on.
can you see the little window at the very tip top on the front of the house?--wonder if that's a bedroom?

The house is located in one of our oldest neighborhoods---many of the the homes were built back in the 1700s.
see the two big fans on the upstairs piazza?--those are so nice on a hot summer day! Not only for cooling down---but they deter the dreaded mosquitoes!

Hello up there!!!

the chimney

...............other scenes around the neighborhood............

Have y'all ever picked these? ate them? made loquat marmelade or jelly?

this dog was enjoying his ride on the wagon!

a lovely way to see Charleston---a carriage ride

Beautiful blue house! Doesn't it look cozy?

I enjoyed taking you around around a neighborhood in our city today and hope y'all had a good time! Come back again!


  1. Dear Debbi: You have absolutely made my day! Thank you so much for doing this for me. Jackie

  2. That is a beautiful house and the chimney is really neat. Love all the pictures but the last one of the posts and greenery going up the steps is my favorite. It looks like the Jasmin almost grows by itself!

  3. What a beautiful post from gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina.... I always enjoy your posts... BUT--the previous one made me sad --seeing the houses with so much history, needing repair and renovation....

    Have an awesome day/week.