"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Summer seeds

"mary mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"

Our caladiums bloomed! I didn't even know these plants did bloom!

Our orange lilies did great! I love them!

vinca, I think

My first year for clematis...........I just love them!!!

well, I was very excited to finally have a canna bed.........
They came up and they looked great! I was so happy and then.....they vanished overnight.  I think we have only 2 left. Something dug them up and ate them I guess. We are going to re-try

Pumpkin patch. Excited to grow "punkins" this Fall!

I've waited many years for these hollyhocks......just have not had any luck growing them anywhere......THIS YEAR they came up, Yay!! My Ma-Maw told me years ago that they will not bloom the first year.....and i think that is what happened the last hollyhock bed I had many years ago. The second year they bloomed like crazy.....HUGE AND so colorful and big and I was just thrilled with them! (mine looked like the ones pictured above. I had the double bloom ones and several different colors as well as the candy-pink ones) So that means maybe next summer I will get my hollyhock blooms again. 
hollyhock youngsters

I think these are moonflowers?

We put lots of marigolds in our kitchen garden. I read that they help the tomato plants so we will see.....we put marigolds in so many of our pots and hanging baskets too....just put them all over---love the splash of yellow and orange! And they are SO HARDY, even in the hot hot summers here.

one of my favorites!!--just planted
baby four o' clocks up now!

Clematis and Cyclamen

Baby red peppers

(below) our first green pepper of the summer:
Mr. Front Porch made me a pretty pot of flowers for Mothers Day.

(above and below, my Mother's Day pot)
I love those little "fairy trees". LOL I did have to transplant them.......
Because.....this is what happened. The petunias got so big and thick, you could no longer see the fairy trees! LOL (below--same pot)

Sweet "Tater" vines....I've rooted about a couple  dozen of these this year, started them from lil babies...
below, same plant a few days later. It's now cascading over the front of the pot. We have them in most of our pots and in our windowboxes too. I LOVE MY sweet tater vines! LOL

Sunny yellow mums blooming in the spring

Some type of coleus and maybe some sort of purple sweet tater vine? I love the colors in that coleus.
I hereby give ALL THE CREDIT for our gardens to Mr. Front Porch, who digs them, takes care of them, feeds them, etc. etc, plus MOWS. I enjoy starting the gardens, picking seeds, rooting vines, and deadheading and he does the rest plus keeps them all watered really well. He does the hard work, not me.
Soooooooooooo, what's growing in YOUR garden?


  1. WOW, I am proud of you for growing all of these wonderful plants, both flowers and edibles. Great job! Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Too hot here for a garden:)but yours looks terrific!!

  3. Debbi, I can tell you , my flowers are not anywhere near as plentiful or nice as yours. I love all the colors too. If you have rabbits, they are awful on gardens. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. What a garden!!!!

    Your weather may be very hot for humans, but plants certainly thrive in it! Everything is just gorgeous.

    We didn't get much to plant his year. But what we have, is happily blooming.

    But now, as my Sig. Line below says, I am seeking signs of Autumn.

    Seeking signs of Autumn!
    🍁🍂🍁 🍁🍂🍁 🍁🍂🍁 🍁🍂🍁

  5. Wow!! Everything looks so pretty!! Your seeds did great! Did you order them online or just got them at the store? And yes Marigolds will help with your tomato plants. I planted a bunch of marigolds in with mine this year and I don't have anywhere near the amount of insects I battled last year.

  6. I've never had much luck with packets of seeds but you had great success! You must have kept things watered and have a green thumb! My hubby has been mulching everything this week! WHEW! What a job! Enjoy your flowers and fairy trees! Hugs!

  7. Having plants grow that you start from seeds is so satisfying. All of yours are beautiful.

  8. Hello! I am "Pam" or "Pamela" from over at "Closed Doors, Open Windows". Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Thank you for the invite to come over and visit at your front porch! Looks like you must have a marvelous garden! I love flowers and plants, but don't have much of a green thumb. I depend on God and nature to provide most of the beauty I see because when I get involved it usually doesn't do as well! LOL. I am looking forward to getting better acquainted! Please come back and sit a spell when you can!

  9. I have gloves that look just like that! haha...I love clematis. But I love all you planted. Marigolds are supposed to keep the critters out of your plants and flowers to keep them from eating things. I love my little garden this yr. Instead of having several all over the yard like before I have one right off the deck. Easier to care for but I do think it will need to grow some! haha...but it is doing awesome for the first yr. As for this weekend, yes, I have a wedding in a couple of hours. I will have to post pics of the one I worked the other day. Been slow, still keeping my distance from folks but need the $$$ from the weddings! Also I have a paint class of about six folks in a big open garage Sunday evening. I love teaching these classes. Fun...have a good one, stay cool.

  10. awwww, i have a lot of vinca's in the garden, they are doing very well. the plant you inquired about, is in fact a vinca. all of my flowers are doing well, BUT my vegetable garden has gone to the animals who live her. i had quite the bounty coming, but the animals who roam the deck have gotten in to everything!!!

    it is with a heavy heart that i say "rest in peace" to my vegetable garden!!!

  11. Oh Debbie, these are just gorgeous! I'm not having a lot of luck with most things this year so I am living vicariously through others' gardens and this is a fine one. Love hollyhocks and that caladium -- what a treat and surprise. My clematic died a sad death of mostly dehydration and neglect. You are amazing!