"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, June 18, 2020


"I found her diary underneath a tree
and started reading about me......."
............Bread, 1972

I buy old books pretty much weekly from the thrift stores or library sales when they happen. (or at least I did before the virus) I also find lots of new bestsellers on lucky days! The old books are so interesting though...especially when you come across old diaries, often with faded old photographs featuring people and children in out-dated clothing styles, and bookmarks tucked inside. I've found dollar bills, notes and letters, airline tickets and old boarding passes, travel/hotel receipts, locks of hair,  handwritten recipes on cards or paper, faded ribbons, even a library card.

 This diary looks to be written in the late 1990s and written as a keepsake for this mother's child.

She talks of her daughter Aidan trying out for choir, and becoming a good artist, and drawing nice things.

There are old fashioned picture negatives tucked into the pages.

The diary turns tragic towards the last pages. She writes of being in the hospital, being in alot of pain, and going to the hospital for depression.

Then there is her last will and testament. I think this story had a sad, sad ending. The saddest part to me is that this personal diary was not treasured, and it ended up in the thrift store. I wonder who Aidan is and if she is still living. Her mother obviously loved her and was so proud of her! This diary was written for her, and should be hers, a handwritten legacy from her own Mother. I wonder where Aidan is today?
This is another diary/memory book I found at the thrift store.
This lady was married in the Presbyterian church in 1954. They honeymooned in Bermuda--which was a pretty exotic and tropical location back in those days!

I have bought a few old yearbooks as well......just so fun to look back at all the hairstyles and shoes and dresses (mini dresses! midi dresses! Maxi dresses! LOL) and jeans (bell bottoms! elephant flares! PLAID pants! guacho pants! Hot pants! LOL) from long ago! I love looking at the Homecoming pictures and the Prom pictures, especially Proms in the 1950's and 1960's. Taffeta strapless Prom gowns and orchid corsages.
" a white sport coat, and a pink carnation"
......Marty Robbins, 1957


  1. I was so excited to see this blog. I have looked for old journals like this for years. I have kept a journal since I was a teen...still do. I also have written a small column for 20 years sort of like a journal. I have never had the pleasure of finding one. A friend is also looking for me. I you would like to sell these, I would be interested. Just something to treasure forever. my email is bburke701947@gmail.com. I love the story, and I am saddened that the girl does not have her mom's journal. There is a story there. So nice to find another person interested in these also.

  2. A few years back a lady contacted me in regards to something like this she found in a sale. She went on fb and found my friend Tina, whom this was written for. Not being a friend of she tried private messenger, no matter how many private messages she sent, Tina did not have messenger on her phone. She was able to view Tina's post and she saw my name on one. Picked me to be the go between and sent me a message as to what she had, whom it was for and she wanted to mail it to Tina. I got in touch with Tina, explained what I was told and Tina was stunned, those items were gotten rid of by her step sis upon her step dads death. She wanted them so bad. I gave the woman Tina's mailing info and the lady did not charge her to send that stuff, she just wanted Tina to have it. So.....Tina's last name was there which made it somewhat easier but if you are a fan of FB, you might wish to try that.

  3. Debbi, The first diary is very sad. I do not think I could ever get rid of something so personal from my mother. Hope it's just lost or misplaced. Also at times when we are young , we never appreciate the little things. As you know that saying...look to the little things, for one day they will become big things in your life. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. How interesting, never thought about buying or reading these.

  5. this brought a tear to my eyes! i have so many books for my boys. baby books, school books everything is documented for them. my older son never wants to look at his, i don't even ask him anymore. my youngest loves his books so i think he will take them when i die, but who knows!!

    i read every word i could, i don't know how things so precious and so meaningful could ever end up in a thrift shop!!!

  6. and i think the butterflies may be done. i have 5 chrysalis and i don't think they are going to open. it's getting late into the season. i do have itsy-bitsy caterpillars on my dill - and so it begins again!!!

    this is for you. you can publish it if you want to but you don't have to!!

  7. How interesting (and sad) to get a peek into others lives. I hope Aiden can be found.

  8. Debbi, this post is very timely for me right now. I recently re-found my grandmother's diaries from 1948 till the year she died and am currently working on a post for Summer Love Notes about them. What I had hoped to find and what I did and didn't. I have pondered what to do with them at some point, having no other family members on that side. I don't want them on an estate sale, but if someone as thoughtful as you found them, I would feel better about all that. Great post, Debbi.

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