"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Dirt Road Debbi


I love to take a walk down old dirt roads after church on Sundays!

Dirt road--here I come! LOL

Dirt Road Arm Candy LOL
 Art deco style blue bracelet Mr. Front Porch gave me  a few Valentines days ago. It was when we were watching Downton Abbey and it was a perfect present. The big cheap plastic chain link bracelet is fun to wear.

hope you'll come along? What's around that curve?

Spotted the few remaining Wisteria on the old dirt road

Beads today.....Fairy Granddaughter calls these "Ma-Maw's Blue Pearls" LOL

Time to change clothes....and get out my fresh new pair of gardening gloves:

Our onions are getting tall! This is our little kitchen garden.
And this is how tall a fence you have to put on a large garden, to keep the deer out. Otherwise they think you have put out a nice salad bar for them and they will enjoy! ha ha LOL

The pink geraniums are doing great so far

Perky little faces on bright pansies

This is our new mandevilla, a pretty cherry red:

planting coleus pots!

love this deep purple one.....it looks like velvet

this one is called "Glory Road"

purple petunias we planted a few weeks ago

I never found out just what these dainty little white blossoms are. I call them "fairy flowers". I thought they were anemones.....but someone said maybe Bluets? White Bluets, not blue Bluets. ha ha LOL

cleaning and hanging the hummingbird feeders! I hear they've made it to South Carolina, so they should be showing up soon. Looking forward to seeing them. Mr. Front Porch saw dozens of them in the back meadow last Fall, right before they migrated.

Sunday is also a great day for a long walk with the girls. You can see the little Bluets all around us.

These are my newest little historic ceramic statues.

I was thrilled to find them at the thrift store! They look to be attired in fashions from the 1700s, I think.

I tried this new recipe, and it was delicious..........highly recommend. 
womans world magazine

womans world magazine

I skipped the cucumber salad part, and I added Rotel to the sauce after I made it. I also added lots of extra Worcestershire....love that! LOL It's a pretty easy and quick creamy sauce to make.
  I served it over the cooked meatballs on a bed of angel hair spaghetti. I didn't have dill, so cooked with, and garnished with.....parsley and pepper.
It made alot as I used two bags of the meatballs, and we've had lots of left-overs. It heats up great.

Hope everyone's week has been great, wow, tomorrow is ALREADY FRIDAY!


  1. I love your dirt road meandering! And your beautiful blue dress and eye-candy bracelet, etc. I also love your gardening gloves and all the lovely things you are planting. Is that your big garden by that fence??? Wow! You'll be able to open a road side stand and sell vegetables to others! I wish I lived closer! That meatball dish sounds good, w/o the cucumber salad. I like what you did. John loves meatballs, and he would enjoy that too. He can't eat cucumbers. Love your colonial statues. Where will they sit? They are so pretty. I love that you are sharing more and more of your "farm" with us. I can't wait to see more! Have a lovely week.

  2. i adore a sunday car ride, on the country back roads, which are usually dirt roads!! good luck with your garden and flowers, although i love deer they can be devastating to your garden!!

    that meal looks really delicious!!!

  3. I love your place in the country! And you are so pretty in blue! Or any color, really! Yes, I am growing my hair out so I can put it UP! I don't like hair on my neck.
    That really is a dirt road. Our country roads are mostly limestone.

  4. I wish you nice walks on your field paths...this red earth looks exciting...I walk a lot on forest paths here.
    And yes, spring is coming... so beautiful.
    Good luck to you in the garden and have fun with your two girls out and about. Company is always good.
    A hug to you from Viola

  5. So did you just get out of the car on a dirt road to have your pic made or is this around your home? Pretty spot for walking.