"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Green Day!


Saw these wee pots of clover at the grocery store! They are so cute.

purple clover and green clover
Tracie and Amybelle wishing y'all a happy St. Patrick's Day!--showing off their green "arm candy" LOL

Got these pretty hair ribbons, two sets--one for Fairy Granddaughter, and one for myself! LOL. I've been wearing mine all week.

also got her this pretty shamrock charm, it's a locket and it opens

and got her some leprechaun Rice Krispies! LOL

....and St. Patrick's day cookies. These are so good!

today's "arm candy" LOL

We've already had our corn beef and cabbage, "taters" and carrots, at a church supper, and it was so delicious! Do you eat Irish food on St. Patrick's day?

Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Leprechaun Rice Crispies? Interesting, but I am not sure I could eat them!

  2. you and the ladies, looking so lovely!! we are not irish, don't eat irish food today but i have green on today!!

  3. You buy clover at the store? If that were the case here I could make a ton of money selling what is in my yard. lol....Green Rice Crispies? Interesting but the color don't change that taste..yum

  4. Oh, GIRLFRIEND!!! You look adorable all decked out in green!!
    I'm Irish, too! My 'new' brother called me on St. Patrick's day to remind me of that!

  5. I am sorry I missed this post last week! Gosh, I am so far behind! You know we had company on the 16th-18th, and then Scott's birthday on the 18th, and I've been playing catch up ever since. I love the pictures of you and the "girls" all in your pretty St. Patty's day green garb! You look marvelous, my dear!! We did end up getting some Corned beef and cabbage, etc. afterall. I think I told you that I made one for a church dinner and really didn't get much of it at all. Well, my sweet DIL Rose also made some and brought us a big dish of it so we ended up with some after all. Hers was very good!! She's a great little cook. And yes, I just saw your comments on my current post. I am so far behind in responding I really can't keep up right now. But I thank you for your comments. Now I need to go back and re-read it so I can remember what it said. LOL. I'm really in "bad shape". LOL. Between PT, Dixie Cottage, Dr. appts., Church, and all the other stuff, it's no wonder I'm loony. Love you all. Give our love to the girls from Lily Grace too. Bye for now my friend.