"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Sunday Best

"Sunday Best". Time for a walk after church. I love this old crumbling brick wall.

The camellias are in full bloom all over the city and can be seen climbing walls, gazing out from fences, dancing on gates, and peeking out from bushes, mailboxes and lamp-posts. They are friendly little blooms and greet us as we pass by.

 I pause in front of this old church for a picture. Love these big old columns!

Signs of Spring!
Nodding their cheerful little faces, they say "We're ready for Spring, how about YOU?!"

Vivid green moss

Fairy stones sparkle on green moss and yellow blossoms wave from  window boxes.

Pretty spring wreaths on this shop's doors.
Lots of happy dogs have taken their people out for a walk on this winter Sunday:
They can be seen crossing busy streets..........piled up into the backs of vehicles,
.........and watching all the interesting things going on!
Like this one------------
He said "Where's Tammie and Bindie? I want to play with them!"
How is your week going so far?


  1. Love those camellias. How nice to be able to walk around your lovely city, taking in all of the beauty there. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

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  3. How I love all your pictures and it must be wonderful to walk around the city with all the flowers blooming, they are beautiful. Yes, those columns are massage, can just imagine Samson standing between them ready to push them over:) Love the building with the little round window, maybe it too is a church.

  4. It is wonderful to see the beginnings of spring, my most favorite season. I also love, love, love your rosy outfit and your cool boots.

  5. my week's been good so far, kinda' quiet!! there is not much to do right now and i am not able to walk far like you can...we have been in the house a lot!! i have been doing some of my "heavy" cleaning so that when spring arrives, i will be all done!!

    the camellias are so pretty, you too...i really love the shawl you are wearing!!

  6. You really do rock a pretty scarf! That wall is amazing, I can see why you love it. Even on a gray day your city is beautiful. Oh to have camellias in bloom!

  7. Those blooms are so pretty. It's nice to see spring somewhere in the world!