"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Small town antique store

 A post or two back I shared our day trip to a little town

we windowshopped and this was "the pillow" LOL

The pillow in the window:

Well, I couldn't get that pretty pillow out of my mind.......so we WENT BACK when the store opened...... and got it!

There were so many pretty things in the store!

Cups and saucers and old tins and old toys

  I remember my Great Aunts stopping by Ma-Maw's for coffee and drinking out of those brown mugs above. And out of "fancier" cups like those below as well. She always had cookies to offer or a coffee cake set out.

I love the old timey paintings and I loved the horse below too:
I LOVED the painting below. It was all needlework---so beautiful

I remember when vitamins came in those little glass bottles! I have one here

Enjoyed seeing these old toys. I had some pretty identical to these. I also had a washing machine that you put real water in. Mine was white. I washed my doll clothes in it. LOL

Hey that's DAWN!! I brought her home with us too. LOL

beautiful kitty!!

pillows and pocketbooks and shelves loaded with curiosities

Dolls, quilts, paintings, china, furniture. All so fun to see

I sure enjoyed my afternoon antiquing! 

Pretty colors and I love the tassels.

I hope you enjoyed our antique shopping too! Glad you stopped by!
We are enjoying Summer very much, except for the high heat. LOL The animals and the gardens KEEP US VERY BUSY.


  1. Oh my word Debbi, where shall I begin? Well I do LOVE your pillow and you did the right thing going back to get it. But OH MY so many memories these pictures brought to me! My Mamaw had a WHOLE SET of those brown mug dishes, with a big pitcher and everything I can just see them in her dish cabinet! And that little toy barn in a picture towards the top of your post, my mother had one in the guest bedroom closet that she would always bring out when little ones came over It was at least forty years old and probably older. Fisher Price and the kids loved it! Just loved it!!!! I think it is probably still in that closet and I should ask Henry if I can have it next time I visit. And if I'd been in that wonderful shop I probably would have bought those dog bookends!!!! I love them!!!!! xoxo

  2. I love walking through antique stores. I love seeing all the old things. I love even seeing things that I remember being in my granny's home. That beautiful cup and saucer, is a Dessert Rose pattern. I have a whole set in my basement. They were given to me by one of my best friends, they belonged to her mom. She thought mama Jo would like for me to have them. SInce then her grandson has had a child and I offered them to her to give to him and pass down. They are pretty, but they are something I will use, and they will stay packed so I rather they stay in the family.

  3. The pillow is gorgeous and I'm so glad you went back and got it! Dawn...oh I love her. All of the dolls and toys are fun. I still think I might try to get a doll house one of these days. I love the photo of you with your pretty pillow. You are such a beautiful young lady! Hugs, Diane