"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, January 20, 2023

New Year!

 Happy happy New Year, friends!

and here it is halfway through January already! Winter is ZOOMING BY.

Hot buttery cornbread.....Yum!

Our New Years Supper was ham, black eyed peas and
corn bread. I also add navy beans and peppers and onions to my black eyes. along with green beans.
we had cheesecake for dessert, with fluffy whipped cream, yum!
I put beans in from this summer's garden. I spent SO MUCH time this summer washing and  blanching beans! LOL Here they are washed clean and ready to jump into the hot boiling water.

and here's the ice bath waiting on them. After the blanching, I freeze them, and we get to enjoy summer vegetables on a winter day.

We had a lovely Christmas and hope your holidays were nice too--I've been enjoying reading about everyone's December and Januarys.

We had a country Christmas!

Christmas cards on a string

Sparkly gold and silver reindeer

Tansy showing off her Christmas dress

One thing I miss is the old fashioned Christmas shows that used to be on. We always looked forward to these so much! Events you didn't want to miss. Anyone remember the King Family?

the ladies were always dressed so nicely--looked so glamourous. The younger ladies (teens or close to it) wore shorter dresses and looked so cute and modern.
ALL OF THEM could sing. I don't think ANYONE in that family didn't have the singing or some type of musical talent

beautiful red evening gowns
 and fancy up-dos
 I think this is Tina Cole....she was one of my favorites because she was younger.....plus she was Robbie's wife Katie on the t/v show My Three Sons

Even the children were included, on all the King Family holiday specials.
they dressed them up so cute!

here's a Special where they are all in black, pink, and white

always big lovely stage sets

 check out that big tall "bee-hive" hair-do!

I loved when they wore these snow white fur trimmed hoods, so wintry!

Beautiful and sophisticated evening gowns

this must've been a Christmas special---red costumes and lovely white long gowns, looks like maybe those are black velvet collars?

always color coordinated, so pretty! Check out the younger lady's color matched blue pumps!

floral skirts, and ruffly blue blouses--late 1960s? early 1970s maybe?

They always had big nice sets. Here's one for the Easter program 1965

little girls in their Easter bonnets

children taking a bow

the King Family ladies showing off their Easter outfits for an Easter show

and how about the Andy Williams Christmas programs? They usually had the Osmond brothers on. And the Perry Como Christmas show? Bing Crosby? Dean Martin?

Well, they just don't have Christmas programs like there used to be.....

Fairy Granddaughter showing off her big Christmas bow

Amybelle and Tracie are all on the table, ready to PLAY!

We got Fairy Granddaughter this fun kitchen. That was definetly a winner--she loved it! I bought little play food to go with it. Little did I know, when we got it all opened up....it was FULL OF TINY FOOD and toys!---inside the little oven, inside the icebox, in the cupboards and everywhere. Absolutely adorable!
It's sized for the "American Girl" dolls which she still plays with.

the icebox and the stove made sounds, I think!

Tracie and Amybelle were so glad to see their friend, Star!--Fairy Granddaughter's doll. They sure love it when she visits, and they can play. I put out these lil reindeer for them to play with! LOL

Girls having fun!

Tansy is out in the kitchen guarding the Christmas cupcakes!

One of my favorite presents....It's a fire green topaz.

and my chickens T-shirt!

My stocking was full of my favorite candies and Mr. Front Porch added my favorite TOOTHPASTE! LOL to combat all the sugar, LOL

"Santa" surprised us with these nice big children's books about life in the country. 

They were fun to read, and now Fairy Granddaughter can enjoy them when she visits.
I love books with big colorful illustrations!

Santa Claus brought Tammie and Bindie funny honking chickens. They make a funny sound. Tammie refused to touch hers and Bindie immediately destroyed hers. LOL Luckily they did receive other toys which they did love. 

Another one of my favorite presents!--my blue and white Swan planter! Love her so much! I will take her outside and fill her with flowers when Spring arrives. Then again, I'm enjoying her so much inside....she may never make it to the porch! LOL

she is HEAVY! lol

I also got the big clothes rack with shelves, on wheels, that I asked for, and lots of other things. I was real happy with all my presents!

Happy New Year, Y'all and thanks so much for stopping in to visit with me! I will try to get back to blogging and commenting now that the holidays are done.
So thankful for all God's blessings and hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2023!


  1. I remember all those old wonderful Christmas shows, too. They were so wholesome and you just felt good after listening to them. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana

  2. Well, you know I love everything old timey! And the little kitchen is just adorable. I'm having a fun day playing records. Come on over and dance with me! Lots of hugs, Diane

  3. Is there a chicken dance we can do...or invent? hahahaha! Come on down!

  4. I am struggling to remember the King Family...I am sure we watched it, but I am having a hard time remembering. I do remember the Andy Williams show and the Osmonds, etc. Yes, those were the days when they had really good entertainment and good family programs. I do miss them. Oh, you all certainly had a wonderful Christmas! Fairy Granddaughter must have been over the moon happy with her gifts, and just being with you on the "farm". I can imagine how much she must love it there. Your sweet girls Amybelle and Tracie and Tansy all look so pretty in their Christmas outfits, and Star too! She is lovely! Lily Grace sends her love to all of you. We just changed her out of her pretty new Christmas dress yesterday, and she is now getting ready for Valentine's Day. I will have to send some pictures soon. I do hope you are enjoying your lovely new country home. Oh, that swan planter is gorgeous!! WOW! I might be afraid to put it on the porch too...it looks so pretty and fragile. But it will look lovely on the porch with flowers blooming in it. I hope you will take some pictures of your pretty porch soon. I hope you are doing well now and feeling better. Happy New Year and almost February!!! Love to you all from all of us.

  5. i do not remember the king family but i do remember really dressing up for holidays, especially easter. their outfits are so pretty for all holidays, it's nice that you have those memories!! our christmas was wonderful, we don't exchange gifts though...we all buy for the kids and i had the best time with my 2 great nieces.

    your swan planter is really beautiful!!

  6. Wow I've never heard of the King Family and now I will have to look them up on YouTube! They look like Lawrence Welk-y types, haaaha! Your candy stash looks awesome and I love your pretty new ring! xoxo

  7. Your New Year's dinner looks delicious. This is the first time I didn't cook black-eyed peas and collards for the New Year. Oh, I dearly loved and enjoyed the old Christmas shows. I remember the Perry Como show. Seems like it was one of Mama's favorites. Enjoyed your post.

  8. Oh that swan! Beautiful. Love it also. I was just jumping over here to check on you since you have not posted. YEP.....Jan. is almost gone and guess what, it will be Christmas again before we know it......OOPS....sorry, just had to throw that in there.

  9. Louis Dean's favorite toothpaste is the same as yours!!! I buy it in bulk whenever I find it!
    How is it that we love each other and I do not have your address to send you a Christmas card? If you will send it to my by email - I promise never to share it with anyone!!