"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, January 27, 2023


 Remember I shared a picture of my reindeer collection in a post or two back?

I adopt a new each Christmas. Here is this year's.

He is soft and furry

here I am "calling" him to come see me! LOL

He sure loves living out here in the country. 

Wild deer visit us like clockwork every evening here, love to see them! They come right up close.

Have y'all seen the new Dolly cake mixes and icings! Fun! I haven't tried them yet.

Last week's thrift store finds:
just couldn't leave this pretty little porcelain doll there, she has such a sweet face!
I got this big painting for my bathroom, but fell in love with it and put in in the  hall instead....where I see and enjoy it multiple days a day! I just love the colors!
it's matted and framed so nicely, so I was glad to get it
Been working on house projects (we have PLENTY! lol) . Music sure helps it go better.

Well I have lots of old albums and lots of old favorites. Love Floyd Cramer for lively piano music! My Ma-Maw used to dance me around the house to Floyd Cramer's happy songs!

Hope y'all have a blessed and happy weekend! February will be here soon!


  1. What a pretty reindeer. I pulled back from buying Christmas decor this yr. esp when I realized that I was not putting all my stuff out this yr. Plus, the fact it took me several weeks to put up what I did put up. If I could store my stuff upstairs or had an elevator to bring my stuff up. HAHA.....Been thinking I would try the Dolly stuff. I just love her. As for your deer, I found three in the fenced in backyard next door. Never seen them in the fenced area before. I love seeing them out and about around the hood. So special watching critters living out and not caged.

  2. I love Floyd Cramer too - smooth as silk!
    You look so pretty with your blond hair and fancy pearls!!!

  3. I love your reindeer! And good to see you -- new hair since I last visited and it's cute!

  4. Love the colors in that painting and your little reindeer collection.

  5. OH, Debbi! I LOVE your reindeer collection, and especially the new one! He's a beauty!! Would love to see your REAL deer in the yard sometime too! I know they are skittish and it isn't always easy to get a picture, but maybe one day you will be blessed to do so. I LOVE that painting of the flowers. Yes, I would want it where I could see it often as well, although for me, I'd see it probably just as often in the bathroom as anywhere else! LOL. you look fabulous, btw. I think country living is agreeing with you! I loved Floyd Cramer too. I haven't heard his music in years. It would be fun to hear it again. Enjoy your beautiful days in your new home. Yes, February is very near. I can't believe it. Time sure flies when you are having so much fun. LOL. Have a blessed rest of your weekend.

  6. Good Morning!! Just dropping in to say Hello---my housebound has extended a lot to the internet, as well, for I just go for weeks without tuning into my friends' blogs or posts. And I haven't written on my own blog for a couple of years (or written anything, it seems). My own cut velvet jacket and the dress (just plain velvet) happen to be in the dryer right now, just getting fluffed just to renew them for their stints in the closet. Don't know if I'll ever have occasion to wear them again, for I haven't worn anything but PINK for about three years now, and I just pull out whatever comes to hand---even my masks are pink, and I still mask assiduously for every errand.

    Your whimsical little encounter with your new deer is just YOU, somehow, and you just look so pretty---though a bit subdued---I'm accustomed to your usual happy effusion of bangles and beads and all the memories around your neck. I do, however, assume that you have the faint hint of Shalimar as you pass on the sidewalk or stop to photograph a worthy fence or handsome cat. My two are Shalimar and Giorgio, and the last step on my little morning get-ready is a little spritz of one or the other onto the back of my high bun, and I'm off to greet the day.

    I'd love it if you'd ever have a moment for e-mail---ganjin042@gmail.com I've turned into my dear Mammaw, who lived "by the clock and the calendar, and time for the mail to be up." It's always so lovely to see your adventures and all your excursions---a lovely young woman in Charleston the other day reminded me that you've probably seen her "entrance way," for she's become known for that exquisitely-elaborate draping of magnolia leaves and red ribbons at her gate. She said wedding parties and city visitors come during the holidays to make their photos, so I'm sure you've seen it over the years. It captures both the shine of the green leaves, and the velvet bronze of their under-sides, draped for yards high, like the rose garland of the Derby Winner---magnificent.

    You stay well and warm, Faraway Friend!

  7. reindeer, a fun item to collect for christmas!! i have not seen those dolly cake mixes but i also don't shop in the food store anymore. i have all of our groceries delivered. the mixes and frosting sure do look fun!!

  8. and if you have a home, new or old, you are going to have projects, right?!?!

  9. Oh, I hadn't thought of Floyd Cramer in years. Loved his music. Love that cute little reindeer, too.

  10. Reindeer are a fun Christmas collectible.