"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

yellow ladybanks

one of my most favorite gates! It's so beautiful!

yellow Ladybanks were twisting and twirling all through it

" The roses tumble like fat Persian kittens..." ......Marge Piercy

It was early Spring!--I have a jacket on! LOL

These folks have a lovely street garden every year! I love to go see what they have each year!

sunset cruise headed out

pretty cotton candy pink clouds

This house is always decorated so nicely!

and out here, in the country...........
November has arrived and the sweltering hot days of summer seem to have stopped for the season. I love the cooler days and sweater weather! Porch sittin' in chilly weather suits me just fine. LOL

the cotton is being harvested and baled up!

Brand new crops are planted and are so bright green! I have no idea what this crop is!

and there are bright splashes of color on some trees, so pretty to see

and I am still unpacking all my treasures and finding new places for them--I'm going very sloooooow, LOL!

There are lots of neat new things to see out here. Like this strange mushroom spotted last week!

the Crown has started back up. Is anyone watching?
Hope your week is starting off great! How is Fall in your neck of the woods?


  1. I loved the comparison of beautiful roses and roses tumbling about like Persian kittens! I will always think of that when I see a burst of roses new on the rosebush.
    I once saw a drawing of a pussy willow plant that showed closeup to be a small fluffy kitten in each fuzzy bud. When I was a very young girl I remember our sweet neighbor used to show me her large pussy willow bush. I remember us both enjoying the soft gray fuzziness of each bud. I think she enjoyed seeing me enjoying them as much as I enjoyed touching all of them. I haven't seen her or her family members in fifty years, yet I still remember her kindness to me, and miss her when I think of her.

  2. all of my friends are watching the crown, i may have to start. take your time unpacking, this may be your last move and you want to set things up perfectly!! the gate is gorgeous and the fancy fungi too!!

    1. my arm is out of the cast and healing nicely, i think. it is 10% displaced but the dr. did not want to do surgery because of my medical history. (seizures after anesthesia). otherwise, i am doing pretty well. i thought about sharing a picture of the car after the accident, but it is upside down and quite upsetting to look at. i only saw it myself a week or so ago. the hubs did not really want me to see it!!