"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Star Spangled Banner

 Yay! It's time for the 4th of July! Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!!

July arrived quickly!

Flags are snapping in the hot breezes and banners and buntings are fluttering all over the city

***Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light.........***

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watch'd were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bomb bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there, O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? .....Our National Anthem

Yesterday we drove over to Sullivan's Island

this is on Sullivan's Island

the old Sullivan's Island lighthouse, I think it's about 150 feet tall. It's not open to the public so you can't go up in it, but it does have an elevator. The elevator takes you up up up....but not far enough!--it stops almost at the top, then you have to literally climb a LADDER the last 25 feet or so! LOL

Dunleavy's is always bustling

happy dog along for the ride!

Lots of folks enjoying supper at Poes!

"quoth the Raven....."

Beach houses with pretty flowers!

Back in Charleston, a stop at the grocery store.....
Beautiful patriotic blossoms!

.........and lots of summer goodies:

"maters" and "taters"!! LOL

Lots of goodies for a 4th of July feast!

gotta have sweet tea on the 4th of July! LOL

Well have you ever ran into THIS AT THE GROCERY?! LOL

"happy 4th of July, y'all!"

His name is Arthur and he's 31 years old and he was very well mannered. He is the most beautiful shade of blue!

Look at his beautiful long tail!

I so enjoyed meeting Arthur and admiring him, and his "people" graciously allowed me to photograph him!

Folks outside enjoying Summer:

Ladies have got their summer frocks and shade hats out.......

Walking on a hot summer day:

I love the way the sun was playing on this building:
.......and this one!

old fashioned charm

I've got pinwheels! Remember pinwheels? We had so much fun with these as children!

Lots of summer flowers to see...........

Summer----time for Porch sitting!

crepe myrtles heavy with summer blooms

Bright shiny fun!

they say "slinky" on them. I remember playing with Slinky too! And Etch a Sketch, remember Etch a Sketch? How about Spiro-Graph? You went around and around with colored pens inside little clear plastic discs---and it made pretty round pictures!
We had Super Balls, the bouncy little balls that bounced higher than any others. Remember View Masters, the hand held little view toys that you put discs into and looked into to see colorful 3-D images, the pictures were so pretty!
Outside we had hula hoops, teeter-totters, Jarts, (banned later because they were dangerous) sand boxes, skates, bikes, frisbees, and balls and bats. We played jacks and jump-rope. I had a wooden seat swing that was attached high up into the tall limbs of the old hickory nut tree. We swam in backyard pools---large or small, it didn't matter.

Boats ready for 4th of July rides!

a vivid Summer sunset!
Tonight there will be fireworks and grilling out hot ears of corn and sticky melted marshmallows--- and swimming in blue pools and in the salty ocean! Enjoy the Holiday!


  1. Happy fourth to you and don't you wish we could just leave the decorations up all the time. What a treat to meet Arthur! Not a everyday occurrence for sure.

  2. Enjoyed all of your wonderful photos today. All of the fun things you had as a child, I had also. My favorites were bike riding, Jacks, Jump Rope and Paper Dolls. Happy Fourth of July from Wisconsin

  3. So many beautiful sights to see in your part of the country! Thank you for sharing it with us. I can just almost feel the magic and smell the salty, sultry air. You look fabulous, and I love your pinwheels! Of course I remember them, and all the other things you mentioned from our childhood! We grew up in such an idyllic time. Wish we could go back in time and start over sometimes, don't you? We are getting so much rain...not too many outdoor activities going on here, but I still hear people sending off fireworks. Just can't see them yet, it's still too light, and again, it's raining...So we shall see what happens after dark. Have a peaceful pleasant fourth. Thank you again for making us feel like we are right there with you!!

  4. Your fourth looks really festive with flags, flowers, good walks and what a fabulous sunset at the end of the day! And some very happy memories there, too!

  5. As always I love all that architecture!! Looks like you had a great 4th!

  6. Wow that's some lovely produce you found! And I love your outfit. Only you could put that top with that skirt and make it look good!!! I'm happy that you had a relaxing Fourth of July holiday. I've long wanted to visit Poe's ... my girls were on the island not long ago and took a picture of it for me. The parrot reminds me of my little brother who lives in Galveston, Texas ... he has two parrots and he would totally do this. I would LOVE to see a great big blue parrot in the grocery store! I'd see if he wanted to ride on this pirate's shoulder. xoxo

  7. Thank you for checking on me. This evenings post will explain why I have not been on. Sometimes I just gotta do what I gotta do. Lots of FLAGS....Beautiful to see. Looks like you had a great time. HAHA....a bird on a leash. That is way too funny. Bet it was really strange to see. I have been wondering about a lot of things I see when I am out, usually around peoples houses, why they do the things they do....etc. Times the mind just wonders.

  8. oooooh all those flags, so beautiful and patriotic. they should hang/fly free all summer long.

    it sounds like you have visited the sullivan's island lighthouse, perhaps it was open to the public in the past. the image of it is beautiful!!

    pretty flowers and produce....and the boats are gorgeous!!

    thanks so much for checking on me, i always feel the love!!

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