"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, June 21, 2021

my magnolia

 Last week we went over to visit "my magnolia". She lives in a public park, so she really isn't mine at ALL, ha ha LOL! But I still call her "my magnolia" and love to visit her. She is so big and pretty!

She is always happy to hold my hats or scarves, so I can make pictures! LOL

There weren't too many blooms yet, but I snapped a few:

My old hat.....been on lots of adventures with me! LOL

Arm candy, LOL!
 This was my first time ever to wear these. My Mother gave them to me years ago. She said they were "bakelite" or something, I don't know what that is, have not researched it yet. They are really  hard plastic.

I had fun posing in the tree. LOL! Well I guess I was feeling very "Seventies" that day, ha ha---I had on my embroidered bell bottoms, hippie shoes, floppy hippie hat, blue nail polish and loose cotton top. Remember when we called blouses like this "smock tops", anyone remember? Or maybe to be a real smock top---it had to have front pockets??? I think I forgot to put my mood ring on! LOL

old brown leather clogs.....so comfortable!!

See ya next time, Magnolia!


  1. That is a beautiful big old magnolia tree! Love to see those old ones. We had one like that at our last house. I love sitting in the shade of it, but didn't like cleaning up the leaves and cones....messy things! But the flowers were so lovely and smelled so sweet! Your "bakelite" bracelets must be old. Bakelite was the forerunner to plastic I think, and a lot of handles on old pots and pans and lids were made with bakelite because it can withstand high temperatures. My old Revereware pots have bakelite handles. I love your hat, and your outfit and shoes. You look very relaxed and lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Well I am envious ... of your magnolia and of your bakelite bracelets! I have long coveted at least one or two bakelite bracelets ... they say that if you soak them in hot water and they come out smelling like camphor, they are made of authentic bakelite. Which means they are probably valuable! I saw the grave of a few members of the Baekeland family when we visited Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York. Leo Baekeland was the inventor of bakelite. I love your outfit and especially your hat! xoxo

  3. What a huge, beautiful tree!!! How I wish I could smell the flowers. You look great in that hat; It is very becoming.

  4. What fun photos, Debbi! That's a gorgeous tree and the blooms that were there are just lovely. It sounds like a very fun day!

  5. I have a magnolia tree, too! Mine lives i the Botanical GArdens of Fort Worth, Texas! I haven't been to see her in several years now. It's time to schedule a visit!
    As much as I love YOUR magnolia.....I love the pictures of YOU posing with her even MORE! You are always so much fun and I love that you dress up like you do!! I think you and I march to the beat of our own drum!! Kindred spirits!!

  6. Beautiful old tree and I’m sure she loves the attention you give her!