"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Summer in the City

 Summer in the City!

Rusty old gates....one of my favorite things to photograph!

Bright cannas in bloom, I love them!

Juicy watermelon every day!!

Guineas in the city? Yep, we have a flock of Guineas in the city, LOL! They are so fun to watch

People out enjoying the July day:

time to make pictures!

love the print on this pretty dress!! Isn't that bright and summery?

on hot summer days......the kids will lead you to the fountains to splash in the cold water!

I loved this greenery against the old red bricks! Isn't that a pretty shade of GREEN?

I was looking up at the top of this building and saw plants in the window......

so I zoomed in ................
closer and closer----NOW  I can see them! LOL
Beautiful things in shop windows:
lovely old fashioned dresses and HATS! (I need to stay OUT OF this shop! LOL)

I always admire the windows here!

the splash of fountains in secret gardens

Summer sunset kissing the very top of this old home!

Hello pretty Green Eyes!!

Interesting things to see and to read hung on ancient brick walls....

see ya next time, pretty Green Eyes!!

and of course, Summer brings Summer gardens and flowers........

pretty pink blooms hanging on a porch over by the Pond

....and crepe myrtles heavy with blooms all over.

what IS THIS flower!!?

thats about a FOUR INCH space there.....and they planted pretty flowers! People here use up every available spot to plant pretty things.

St. Michaels against a summer blue sky! George Washington climbed up in that tower!

my favorite tote bag.....

came upon a Little Free Library.....I always find something to take, and usually take something to leave too

pretty glasses all lined up in this window

shady verandas--perfect places to catch a breeze and read a book----or drift off to sleep.......

and on hot summer nights, the neon lights up the city.

Hope your enjoyed our walk today and a glimpse into our Summer City!


  1. So many pretty flowers and my favorite was the sunset on the old building. You look great in that black hat:)

  2. I love the free libraries SO much! And how beautiful are those dresses and hats. Too hot to wear right now though! lol I love your sights of the city, glad to be inside today with the ceiling fan whirring. And yes...we named our Jeep, Big Red! lol Have a good day. We're not sweating are we? Just glistening! heehee!

  3. Oh, this was great...and I saw a lot of things that could be on the Scavenger Hunt...you may have to go revisit some of these places when you do it with Tracie! (or just use those same pictures...) I love those dresses and hats...would love to have place to wear them! LOL. And flowers everywhere! So lovely! You live in such a beautiful city!! Thank you for sharing it with us. No wonder you love it so much! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

  4. what a great walk debbi, i love your big floppy hat!! the dress you pointed out is beautiful, indeed a great dress with a pretty print for summer!! i love rust and old brinks and i can always count on being those things with you!!

    i don't know the name of the flower you asked about. there is an app for your phone called "PictureThis" it works to identify flowers and plants!!

  5. Everywhere you aim your camera is so charming! Charleston in summer ... nothing like it. xoxo