"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, July 16, 2021

"I think it was the 4th of July"

 "Saturday in the Park, I think it was the 4th of July".....Chicago 1972

Tansy has some new summer clothes for the holiday!

So of course I dressed my dolls up in their 4th of July finery and we made pictures!

"Happy happy summer!" from Tracie and Amybelle! "It's our very first 4th of July---let's go have fun!"

Beach shops are well stocked with sunscreen, plastic sharks and sand buckets, Folly Beach t-shirts, shade hats, frisbees and flip-flops, bags of "tater chips" and ice cold drinks.

folks standing in lines to grab a hot chili-dog or a big slice of pizza

If that doesn't sound good--seafood shacks will set you up with sizzling hot fried fish, scallops, french fries, shrimp or oysters.

eat up there and have a great view!

Beach towels flap from porches and hotel balconies, fluttering in the hot summer breezes

Spotted at the little General store:

We spent the holiday on the beach. It was a HOT SUNNY DAY  with a good strong hot breeze blowing, which made it tolerable!

I love to photograph these beautiful little colorful beach flowers! I think somebody told me these are "primroses".....but I don't really know, do you?

These remind me of sunflowers!

They bloom wild on the beaches each year and I'm always so glad to see them back

The beach was pretty deserted, especially for a holiday!--- and we pretty much had it all to ourselves. The wind, the waves and the happy gulls were about the only sounds.
A few folks out enjoying the hot summer day:

Here, a little sea-girl traipsing through the surf

Remember the big bird I photographed in the grocery store in my last post? Well, what are the chances of running into ANOTHER ONE of those birds a day or so later, and on the beach? LOL!

I love photographing the wishing tree and taking a good long while quietly looking at all the sweet prayers, sentiments, wishes, remembrances and mementoes hanging on this tree.

Here, I flipped it over so I could try to read what it says:

I love sea days....and soaking up the salty air!

sea oats swaying in the July wind

The sun is setting, and folks are scurrying back to cool showers and clean clothes to get ready for supper and to go watch the 4th of July fireworks! We get delayed by the drawbridge going up up up....so boats can go underneath.

Steaks grilled for supper, and lemon cream pie for dessert!!
It was a lovely holiday, and I hope yours was too!


  1. Love all the beach pictures and never heard of a wish tree on the beach. How sweet is that.

  2. Sounds idyllic, Debbi! Love me some Folly Beach, especially Bert's Market! The Wish Tree is so charming and poignant. Boy it's hot now! I stay inside unless I absolutely have to venture out. Tansy on her pink sofa is EXTRA, hahaahaa! Love you my friend. xoxo

  3. Amber and her family spent the holiday and the week after at a Gulf Shores beach. I would love to go to the beach.....last time was in January. It's a good 6-7 hours away here in Texas. A Texas beach that is - from the DFW area.
    For my 75th birthday, I am planning on renting a big house on the beach for a week and inviting all my family and a few close friends to come. If I invite ALL of them - maybe SOME of them can come!