"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Doggie treats

Well, here we are in the kitchen!
Anyone remember the tall white tupperware salt and pepper shakers from the 60s? My Mom gave me hers a few years ago....I treasure them!--these were on our supper table for years.
They were on the table on cold winter evenings as we ate meat loaf and macaroni and cheese. On a sweltering day, as we sat down to a summer supper of fried "taters", pinto beans sprinkled with finely diced onions, and hot buttery corn bread, the white salt and pepper shakers were always there handy.

I also love my "jadeite" salt and pepper shakers, any my tiny blue mixer! Oh...and the tiny Wonder bread, that I saved from daughter's Barbie kitchen toys from about 20 years ago! LOl

Today I'm making Tammie and Bindie's favorite doggie treats! They love them!
All you need is a jar of wheat germ (about a half a jar or a whole jar for a double batch) and 3 jars of baby food, (six if you double the recipe) any meat flavor! Our girls love chicken, or beef. I also throw in sweet potato, they love those. You add just a bit of water if the mixture is dry.

I double and triple the recipe.......so many little jars! LOL
I make them big batches. The only thing is.......they have to be kept in the fridge. There are no preservatives added. (well--except for what might be in the baby food)

After the dough is mixed, I spray "Pam" on my hands and then make small balls, then place them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet (flatten them down with a fork) and bake them at 350 for about ten minutes.
They kind of look like peanut butter cookies, LOL!
You can get fancy and roll the dough out and use doggie bone or heart shaped cookie cutters if you like.
You can also substitute baby oatmeal cereal or wheat flour for the wheat germ.
Store them in a sealed baggie in the fridge. I think they only keep for two weeks, but they are gone long before then in our home! LOL
So glad you stopped by my kitchen today!


  1. Oh my the jadeite set is awesome!!! and the dog treats sound like a perfect treat.

  2. I had forgotten the tupperware shakers. OMG, so fun to see them. The jadeite shakers are wonderful too. But I have to say the little Wonder bread is the cutest. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. I know the doggies will love the treats.

  3. Oh yes, I totally remember those salt and pepper shakers. My mom used to host Tupperware parties and had cupboards filled with Tupperware. Funny thing is, it's still around. We saw a booth at the fair where a lady was selling it. The colors have changed, they'er no longer orange green and yellow. What cute little collectables you have there, that Wonder bread is darling! Thanks for the tutorial on making doggie treats, genius using baby food, who knew! You have very lucky girls!!

  4. I don't remember those Tupperware shakers but oh the number of parties I went to and hosted and bought from! I loved seeing all these little special things in your kitchen. And your meals when you were growing up sound like an exact replica of my own mother's.

    Lucky dogs you have to get these special treats!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Debbi!

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