"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, May 9, 2014

"Spring is nature's way of saying.....LETS PARTY!!".....Robin Williams

We enjoyed downtown Summerville. 

Neat fountain squeezed into a skinny alleyway!

Look------there go those "Prom Couples" again....this time down the sidewalk! 

We loved this unique little street of shops and restaurants and because of the Azalea Festival, there was a fun band playing so we listened for awhile.

Love this scene below:

She has gorgeous shop windows!! Love the bright color, don't y'all?

and check out her sparkly and unique chandeliers!! Very pretty and feminine!

The fun and glamourous interior:

the charming little table outside greets you

Very eye catching and welcoming business in Summerville. 

Their hours are: Monday 10 - 5
Wednesday and Thursday 9 to 7 pm
Friday 9 to 5 pm
Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

So if you are local or visiting the Summerville area and need your nails or toes done, I would give this place a try!



  1. You did a beautifully colorful post today, too! LOVE that scene with the little table and seeing into that shop. And that chandy is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful town. I would love to visit some time! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs!

  2. PS I love your little summer breeze fan! We could use it this week in Florida! lol HUGS!

  3. That is so cute Pinkies to Piggies....That is so funny.

    Amy Jo

  4. What a wonderful, delightful, colorful blog. Your post was so interesting! What really nice little town. Summerville...a place I would love to visit! Thank you for sharing it's beauty. (Was the fountain in that narrow alley space running? I hope it was!)