"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Spring in Charleston


Let's go to Charleston!

The Peggy Martins are still in bloom. I didn't make it in time to see them at their freshest, or fluffiest....or newest, but at least I got to see them!

I've been photographing the Peggy Martins for many years....I just think they are so pretty.
Charleston scenes:

Lots of people out and about on this sunny Spring day
on steps

at the old Market

and on street corners

The old Rice Mill. Love to look at this. Still don't see how it's still STANDING on just one wall. LOL

Built 1845. One of the wealthiest plantation owners in Charleston had this built. Rice was an incredibly major industry and money maker before the Civil War. At it's height, millions and millions of bushels of rice came through here from the plantations. When the War ended, it wasn't so profitable. The old building was converted into a peanut processing facility----and a location for Planter's Peanuts. I think that was sometime in the 1920s.

ladies taking a break

families getting pictures

beautiful ornamental work from long ago....

Lots of hat ladies out today!!

St. Michael's .....still standing right where I left it! ha ha LOL. so neat to think about how President George Washington climbed clear to the top! He enjoyed looking over our city, back when he visited in 1791

the Basket Ladies are out with their wares, ready to sell!

this bird perched up there, is pretending he is the "king". ha ha LOL

this pretty dog is thoroughly enjoying the salty breezes on the Battery
on we go.....to Bull Street. It has a line of lovely old townhouses that look to me so much like Savannah, so I call it the "Savannah houses street". They were built in 1854. Inside, they are a little under 1800 square feet.
I have many favorite gates, but this is one of my favorite gates in the City:

ancient bricks, and rusty old gates....make me happy!

we had this mailbox at our old house.....we need to get one for here!

Rust.........love it! ha ha LOL

Beauties in bloom!

beautiful purple Spiderwort. I love it. People told me "it's just a nasty old weed----mow it DOWN!" at a previous home. I loved it so much Mr. Front Porch left me a little square of it to grow tall and bloom. Our backyard there was FULL OF IT. 

LOVE THESE mosaic tiles!!

uh-oh......this one has some breakage

beautiful craftsmanship on these old townhouses

house with a pool! LOL

We went to our favorite Deli and got take-out for a picnic on the Battery. East Bay Deli serves UP THE VERY BEST RUEBENS in town. They are perfect, (hot, grilled, melty, cheesy) and I got a side of their good cold "tater" salad too. Washed down with sweet tea, of course!
Scenes from the Battery:

love the fish scales on this big house

creatures on guard!

this pretty house is all decorated to match----in sunny yellow

another one of my favorite Charleston gates

and a view into the big pretty garden.

the gate is tangled with Lady Banks, but I think they already bloomed this year

When I zoom in, I can see a sun dial in there

I got one of these for Mr. Front Porch for Christmas a few years back

blooms by streets.....

and in windowboxes

We saw so many pretty flowers today, and the Jasmine was in full bloom as well, on the brick walls, fences, on shrubs, and up and down trees. Heavily scented, you know spring has arrived once it blooms. It lasts a few weeks, then it's gone.

I hope you enjoyed our visit back to Charleston with us today and saw some pretties you liked! One of my favorite things I saw today was the Season's first magnolia, creamy, white, big and perfect. Love them so much!

Thank you for stopping by to see me!


  1. So many pictures!!!! Loved the info on the rice factory and I too am amazed it still stands. Love the old gates and the mailbox and all the pretty flowers and especially the magnolia.

  2. Hi Debbi, I was just texting my daughter in Seattle. We came to your city on vacation once and fell in love. We ate at the Hyman Seafood Co. First and only time I had eaten fried green tomatoes. OMG, it was so good with spicy shrimp. My mother and sister have made fried tomatoes before but it never interested me. They surely could not compare to the ones we had there. I loved all the gardens , gates, churches, and beauty there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. charleston is so pretty, one day i am going to visit for sure. i can't come when it's too hot, did i miss the spring weather?? the peggy martins are gorgeous...and you too, smiling like i said. i LOVE the yellow house, it is so welcoming!!

  4. Charleston is such a beautiful city, one of the loveliest of the South. My late husband and I visited it a couple of times, but quite a while ago. I’d love to go back but I need to finish the Georgia house first. Charleston is a city made to take photos – so many opportunities, and your photos are so good. They really show the atmosphere of the city. I thoroughly enjoyed your post.

  5. I love the old of your city. Love the older buildings so much more than the newer ones for sure. People have been crawling all over Nashville downtown. The main strip has so much the folks want to see and be a part of.