"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, April 17, 2023

A sunny, cold Easter

 The days before Easter, it rained and rained and rained.....

everything was washed clean and  sparkling

But Easter Sunday arrived with pretty blue skies and soft clouds

and lots of Spring greenery!

and all the rains bring the shaggy Resurrection fern out so bright and green

Tracie, Amybelle, and Tansy show off their Easter finery

looks like Tansy found the Easter bunny! LOL

Yes, I dress up old fashioned for Easter!

Mr. Front Porch gave me this pretty pot of begonias for Easter

We always go for a Sunday drive after church. so fun to see things and make pictures out in the country and small towns

my favorite is to make pictures of old old things.

We spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the sunny day, COLD BREEZES, and tending to our flowers, animals, and gardens


This hanging basket is square shaped and very very old. I still use it and its one of my favorites. Put a pink petunia in it this year.
Mrs. Bluebird peeking out to say "howdy!"
Their house is FULL OF BABIES

our new Mandevilla, and we got our Scarlet Morning glories planted. We had no luck with Morning Glories last summer, maybe this year will be better.

look at the great photo I got of the bird! LOL

one of our resident woodpeckers---they are VERY fast climbing and hard to photograph

our ferns are happy on the porches and potted flowers like geramiums and marigolds are blooming so far.

Easter supper---ham, slightly (LOL) buttered good Sister Shubert rolls, cole slaw and "tater salad"
and it's not Easter supper without coconut cake!!

Dolly has new mixes out for cornbread, frostings, cakes, and coconut cake. I haven't tried any yet
Woman's World

Woman's World

Yay...our little red peppers are up and growing!
 They're in our little kitchen garden, along with onions and carrots and a "mater" or so.
onions are getting big!

We're still working on the "big garden"

got a butterfly bush planted out there and also one in the front of the house

green eyed Tracie, and Blue eyed Amybelle, enjoying bright country sunshine and big fancy bows. LOL!

Are you growing anything? Vegetables, Flowers?

Hope y 'all had a lovely Easter, and your Spring is going great so far! I love Spring!


  1. I am growing my flowers and herbs. That is about it. I used to do tomato's in buckets but my first yr at this house I ended up with some big ole green worms that eat everything and destroy plants. I have never had them before and I had to look them up. Wasp lay eggs on their backs which is strange but that explained what was all over them. I love the sq basket. Sort of like my birdcage you asked about....

  2. Your little dolls look so cute. I dressed 2 of mine for Spring...cool jammies! heehee! Love seeing the flowers and birds you have there. We haven't had any rain...yet....but it's still pretty and green here and there are butterflies galore! Enjoy your week sweet friend!

  3. I'm in LOVE with your Easter picture in your Anne Shirley hat and gloves! You look about twelve, and ready to hop on that buggy with Uncle Matthew (Oh, Lordy, Richard Farnsworth) and get on with life. You're as happy as Anne in Big Sleeves, and this is the best Easter post I've read this year. I especially love that first set of old porch bannisters, like failing teeth shored up for another few years, or a ancient piano keys still game for a tune.

    And all the flowers and birds---that partial hawk reminded me of last week on one of the first days of "tortoise weather"---our girl just turned four, is thirty pounds and built like a petrified leather tank, and I wished just ONE of the five steeping above us in the blue would JUST TRY SOMETHING. They used to keep me close as close to her on our walks and her lawn-grazing, for she was match-box size for a while, but now it would take them and the whole simmering "kettle"---nay, a veritable CAULDRON of those guys to ever lift her---I'm going to be past it in another year, and I'll have to bribe/hire someone to give her her daily bath.
    Just SO good to see you and all your adventures---I have a gorgeous glass millifiori necklace (a gift from Chris, and like most, hanging from the chandelier behind me) that I'd love to send you if you'd ever care to share an address. My e-mail is still ganjin042@gmail.com (that's a zero). I'm distributing all the lovelies he gave me over the years to all the GRANDS and ILs, and would love you to have this one---I think of you every time I stroll past it hanging there. Thank you for the lovely Easter visit/ride/adventure!

  4. I'm so far behind in reading, and I am SO happy to see this lovely Easter/spring post from your beautiful little farm in the country! Everything is so beautiful, especially YOU and your "girls" all dressed up in their Easter outfits. Oh, I love that you have bluebirds in the birdhouse. Have they fledged yet? We have a new family of bluebirds in the "works". Mother Bluebird is sitting on the nest every day while Papa brings her food. This is a different pair than the first ones, so it will be fun to watch another family growing! Thank you for your sweet messages and notes, etc. You are a faithful and true friend and I wish we were closer!! I've been so busy lately that I am way behind in everything. Thank you for this lovely respite from my "labors". LOL. Have a blessed and beautiful rest of your week!!!

  5. Love all the flowers and old things. Great shots. What was the dark purple? A petunia? The begonias are really pretty. I'm not a fan of coconut cake but yours looked really tasty. LOL Have an awesome week.

  6. i think this move has worked out very well for you...you look so happy!! good luck with your garden, mine did not do well last year and i was pretty disappointed. i did get a lot of tomatoes or "maters" as you call them. i have been watching youtube videos and they have been pretty helpful!!

    those are some mighty pretty dresses on your dolls!!

  7. Oooh girl I just had to look back in my journal to "remember" Easter, haha! It was COLD here! But I wore my pretty new royal blue tulle skirt and a lace top, and pearls but no hat or gloves this time. We had a lovely dinner of London Broil, mashed potatoes, cream corn, pineapple casserole, and homemade bread! Took a walk in the late afternoon. Perfectly lovely. xoxo