"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, December 8, 2022

merry thanksgiving

 Goodness Gracious..........December is already HERE! Welcome, December!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving and hope y'all did too!!

My little Thanksgiving Pilgrims I get out every year

there was mashed "taters", dressing, gravy, rolls, and of course, turkey and pecan pie with whipped cream.

Turkey served up every Thanksgiving on Mr. Front porch's Grandma's platter.

 Did any of y'all drink "red pop" on hot summer days when you were kids? It was a treat I didn't get too often, but I loved it. I was remembering it last month and wondering if they even still made it?! So I went searching. Nobody had it. I looked all over!
A little country store in the middle of nowhere HAD IT! And it tasted just like I remembered.

Yay for lil country stores! Who also have this:
Big buckets of Greens! and green "maters" ready to FRY THEM UP! yum!

The annual Macy's Thanksgiving parade was enjoyed:

It might've been chilly in New York, but it was a real nice sunny day here, nice and warm. We spent most of it outside.

My favorites are the marching bands. This year they were from California, Florida, South Dakota, Missouri, Texas, and other states.

Our geraniums are still in 
 full  bloom:

............and now, on to Christmas!
Poinsettias and Christmas cactus are now displayed on the store shelves:

and we've been out clipping greens to decorate our fireplace mantels.
Charleston has decked her halls as well. We were there yesterday and enjoyed the sights.
a glimpse of a tree in a window

the big tree in Marion Square

bright trees and festive doorways

love how they decorate this doorway every year!

Hope everyone's December has started out real nice.

Tonight's Cold Moon.....the last full moon of 2022.
 it was SO BRIGHT and pretty. Hope you had a chance to see it.


  1. We had a beautifiul full moon here in Arizona as well:)

  2. This yr has gone by SO fast. I was surprised when I looked at the calendar to see that Oct was almost gone by and then all of a sudden we are looking of Christmas.

  3. Yes, we are enjoying the full moon here as well! I just posted a picture of it on my blog! I love all your photos...seeing you cutting the greenery for your fireplace mantels...I hope to see those too!! Hint Hint! Red Pop? I don't think I ever had any before. What does it taste like? Is it like cherry flavor or something? I can't believe I never had any. I love that you are finding delicious and fun things in the country stores! That is really neat!! I do hope you are adapting well to country life and enjoying your new home! I know you must be. Looking forward to hearing more about it all soon. Happy December days! Christmas is coming, that's for sure!!!

  4. The moon has been incredible the last few nights! And I've snipped a few branches to put in baskets for my home to smell good like the forest. Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog this week. Your friendship means the world to me. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Hello!! I saw your profile name at Linda Chapman's blog and loved the idea of beach gypsy (I live on the Texas beach). Then, I read your profile and see we have a lot in common, grandmother, books movies, etc. Of course I read your lastest blog entry and enjoyed it all. That decorated tree is soooo beautiful!!

    Have a super weekend, and nice meeting you. I will add you to my reading list.

  6. Just whizzing by to send GOOOOD Wishes to you for a happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year. You BRIGHT me every time I see my porch light come on with your name. Stay warm and well, my Faraway Friend and have a fabulous holiday season. If you're ever inclined, I'm ganjin042@gmail.com That's a ZERO.

  7. your thanksgiving dinner looks so good and those mashed potatoes, extra butter please!! hehehe

    we went to the thanksgiving parade in ny once, something i would like to do again!! so us your fireplace mantel!!

  8. Awwww I love your little pilgrim collection! So cute. I never drank red pop but at Thanksgiving at my grandmother's we always had Coke in the small bottles. That, to me, is just as much Thanksgiving as cornbread dressing with giblet gravy, sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows, and jellied cranberry sauce from a can! xoxo