"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Little beach town

a few summer scenes from Sullivan's Island

a pretty church...........and a tiny church in front of it!! How cute is that?

awwwwwwwwwwwww, the beautiful GREEN marshes.........won't be so green very much longer with Fall approaching.

Dunleavy's, Poe's, and the ice cream parlour..........all are always busy!

over the bridge to Sullivan's Island!
It's still pretty HOT HERE. This lemon juice face toner feels and smells great for hot days!! Love it--very refreshing after washing face.
I tried out this make-up......it's a more heavy coverage than I am used to, but I LOVE IT because it SPRAYS OUT FREEZING COLD and it feels so good on your face on hot days!! then it dries to a mineral type make-up finish. I liked it and re-ordered a second one.

Hope everyone had a real nice Labor Day!


  1. What a lovely little town/island! I LOVE that church with the little bitty church just for our little friends! How sweet is that? And those pubs and ice cream places, all such fun to explore! Looks like you had a wonderful Labor Day? I don't know about those make up ideas...sounds interesting but I'm pretty stuck in my own routine of Cover Girl clean make up and Avon eye make up and lipstick. Quick and simple...that's me! LOL I'm looking forward to hearing more about your current "adventures"... Thinking of you every day!!! Love you all!!!

  2. I think Sullivan's Island would become one of my favorite places to go. That makeup sounds interesting as I am usually sweating while trying to put it on and it being cold might help a bit. Love the pictures.

  3. I need to look at that makeup. I wear mineral makeup when I hike to help with the rays of the sun. Love that church....and the tiny church! Your photos make me want to travel there. Hugs!

  4. thanks for checking in on me...twice!! the churches are so cute, the marshes are so beautiful with a stoic egret to boot!! i don't wear make-up but the lemon face wash sounds delightful!!

    let's meet for an ice cream!!

  5. I'm checking in with you this morning to see how you are doing. We have wind and rain but so far it hasn't been bad. I see the storm is headed your direction though. Please stay safe! You are in my prayers!