"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, January 21, 2022

winter plantation

So far our New Year has been great, and hope yours has been too!

On nice days we love to hike the old plantations. Would  you like to come too?

five six seven eight, meet you at the big 'ole gate!


the beautiful camellias are in full bloom! I love them so much!

We finally have some turning leaves here!

one of my favorite big old trees

love making pictures of Tracie and Amybelle! Until tonight, they still had their little Christmas dresses on. I finally put some warm outfits on them as we are expecting a brrr cold spell coming in today!

arm candy today is red and green! LOL

showers of white petals

Marsh scenes:

Look at the size of THIS tree!--it's massive

Sure hope you enjoyed  rambling about this old plantation with us today.
Tansy stayed home today to watch old Downton Abbey episodes on the couch-- and wanted to share her Christmas presents with y'all. LOL! She got the pocketbook she wanted! and shoes. LOL

Happy happy Friday, y'all!


  1. OH What a fun day!!! Tracie and Amybelle look so pretty in their sweet Christmas dresses! I don't know where you find these cute dresses, but I LOVE the one you sent Lily Grace. Oh, how I wish we could get them together to have a good good visit! Oh, do you know? Tomorrow (Jan. 22) is going to be Lily Grace's 1st birthday! That is the day she arrived here last year, and so I've decided to make that her birthday. We will have an "in-house" party since we've been sick and can't invite anyone else...but we will have plenty of little friends right here to celebrate with. Lily Grace doesn't know it yet, so it will be a surprise! I'll send you pictures. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful pictures of the camellia blossoms. I just love them. They are really beautiful this year!! And you look fetching in your lovely outfit. I have a flannel shirt that is that same color of plaid as your shawl!! Love it! I'll have to take a picture when I don't look so pale and peaked. Have a blessed and beautiful day my friends. Stay warm. Oh, Tansy looks lovely too!!

  2. Love that you took your babies along for the walk! Looks like they enjoyed the day. Your area is so pretty-and that one tree is massive. I hope you have a wonderful day. Just thought I would let you know I did a pick your favorite table party....I know you like to bring bells. lol
    Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  3. HI Debbi! Oh, how fun! Wish I could come along with you on one of your walks. The girls are so cute and a little feisty today! Thank you always for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Debbi these pictures are so wonderful! The Yuletide Camellia is my TG's favorite flower. He loves winter flowers! xoxo