"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, June 24, 2024

June times


Happy Summer, from Callie the Barn Kitty (she came with the house) LOL

This is her beau, Gray. He's a nice boy, but won't come near us. He WILL show up for supper, LOL.

Our crepe myrtle finally bloomed! yay! I do so enjoy it!

I love this old coffeepot! I found it at the thrift store back in the Fall.

After I'd gone a few shelves over in the thrift store.....I came upon this big heavy tray. It probably was donated with the coffeepot, but not sure.

Also this pretty canvas painting:

And the little black kitty, so now our white kitty has a friend.

I was very glad to bring my new treasures back to our home!

Summer has sure arrived! It's been very HOT HERE. And humid. Our gardens are doing great and producing ALOT. 

Yesterday in the cool of sunrise, Mr. Front Porch harvested the taters! Lots of good ones this year.

just planted

sprouting up



Now we plant the second batch which will harvest around October, and also our sweet taters.

Meanwhile I've been SO BUSY with green beans!

Washing, cutting.....



and freezing!!

Getting lots of squash too. I freeze alot of it, and we EAT ALOT OF IT, LOL.
squash blossom

and green "maters":

Fried squash and fried green "maters"...........some of my favorite good eating!

I don't remember if I posted these or not, but we had buckets of blackberries too!

This year we decided to try something new........these are baby watermelons!

We've never grown watermelons before, so it' s fun watching them grow.

Our little baby keets were so TINY this spring:

Now they are big girls! And one boy.
They are so noisy! I love their calls, squawks, hollering! LOL

On the way to the compost pile:

bowl of coffee grounds for my roses:

This week we get the big June Strawberry Moon again, Hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy it!

Hope you're having a great new week and your weekend was nice and not tooooo HOT!


  1. You know what I love about your blog? Variety....

  2. EVERY TIME I comment on this blog, after several sentences the screen flips out and all my typing is gone. *sigh* Let's begin again:

    Those precious cats! So beautiful and sweet. I love cats! I haven't always but for the last five years, since rescuing my darling Sweetness, I love cats so much. Callie and Gray are exceptionally beautiful! You look fantastic Debbi and those silver pieces are, as my girls would say, too legit to quit! Hahaha and you and Mr. Front Porch amaze me with your garden produce! WATERmelons???? That is impressive, and how busy you've been with the beans! Yes it's broiling here too, 100 degrees yesterday. And TG put in a few hours working on the deck! I love how he waited for the hottest months to be in the middle of that project, hahaha! xoxo

  3. I grew up with parents raised in the south. So they did the fried green tomatoes. I just could never eat them. But I came to your beautiful city on a trip with my daughter. We ate some fried green tomatoes at the Hyman restaurant. Of course we had shrimp too. It was a great lunch . I loved the tomatoes...but have not eaten them since, because I just know they will not be as good without that sauce. I would love to come visit again. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Oh, Debbi! I LOVE this post! Wonderful pictures (your new camera? Looks great). Love seeing Callie, and Mr. Gray is very handsome. Do you know yet if there are going to be kittens? Would love to see their kittens! I bet they would be gorgeous! Look at all those taters and maters and squash and beans and watermelon too! You are regular farmers for sure! Love this so much. I am SO happy for you. I LOVE that silver coffee pot and tray, and the painting is lovely too. You do find the neatest things...and those kitties are sweet too. I have a white ceramic cat that sits up and we always have called her our "Guard Kitty". She's supposed to scare the boogeymen away. LOL. So proud of you for all you are doing in your lovely country home. Thank you for sharing the "bounty" with us. Gosh, I'd love a plate full of your fried green tomatoes and squash and green beans with a side of potatoes...Sounds like a great meal to me! And watermelon for dessert! Yummy! What time is dinner? Love ya! Wish I could just come right over...wouldn't that be a hoot? We'd have tea parties and dolly parties and enjoy all the fun and laughter we could stand. Sounds just about heavenly to me. Thank you for making me smile today! (((hugs))))

  5. WOW....got a lot of taters where, enough to chow down on for a bit. Nice...wishing me body would allow me to do the work that would produce a garden so I could put veggies away. Great job to you and hubs. Oh, that pitcher would be great haning off a sheppards hook in the garden with light coming from it to look like water pouring out. Nice find on that one. I will take the watermelon please!!No not a slice, the whole thing!