"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, April 19, 2021

Walking around

Howdy Y'all! It's a sunny spring day.......... full of
purple houses

 sweet clanging-bell church towers.....
and windows dripping with lace.

It's a great day for a walk, who wants to join me?
 (besides, I have a new Spring dress that is black with pink roses--or maybe they are peonies?--, and I was happy to get to wear it and to make pictures!)

Birds are busy all over, perching, preening, scratching, singing, fluttering, flapping, digging, swooping, building nests and Courting!

Very few camellias left, they have given way to the Spring-time flowers! I love them so much, and will miss them.
See the angel perched up there?

Here it is!

pretty Ginger jar! (those are called ginger jars, right??)

spring green is here!

Here we come upon the Bowles-Legare House....I love their gate and the locks!

I love this birdhouse!
if you've ever travelled throughout the South, you've probably seen the "see Rock City" signs painted on the old barns

another big strong brick house that has stood here for hundreds of years

Tracie and Amybelle are happy to pose on the old stone wall

a pretty lane

and then we happen upon this??! cute little horse
He's so soft and furry.....and needs a kind home

Here comes his cousin! LOL

It's the beginning of a new week. May all your walks be sunny and happy!


  1. Such a beWzlk you brought us on!

    1. Ooops, that should be beautiful, darn auto correct!

  2. Such a sweet little angel and hope that pony gets a good home.

  3. Goodness everytime I read your blog I say, I have got to get to Charleston!! We have lived in Conway for 18 yrs and have never been!....Well we were there twice but only to MUSC.. I told my husband I want to go to Charleston for a weekend. rent a hotel room and just take in as much as can. Hopefully soon we will do it.!

  4. OH, did you take the pony home with you for your Fairy Granddaughter? Or for Tracie and Amybelle? I would be so tempted to take it. It is darling. And you look darling in your pretty new dress with the lovely pink flowers. LOVE it, and your hat too! And the girls look so sweet in their outfits. Love the houses and flowers and horses and gates and walkways and everything around you is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!1 This was most enjoyable!

  5. That was a nice walk today. Spring has sprung all over and the trees are all in blossom up here in PA. Now I hear we might have a frost this week. I am sure glad that I haven't planted delicate flowers outside yet.

  6. Wondered where you have been....Now I see that you have been out and about walking again. NICE...love the boots. We fell back into winter last night and today. Temps were 75 yesterday but right now we are at 50. This morn it was 30. Had to cover my herbs up to protect them last night. Have some more happy walks.

  7. Surely you took the pony home for FG? She would love it! So precious! And as usual I LOVE your outfit! xoxo